Essay Advance At KSG

Out of 1750 marks, essay holds 250 marks, that is, as much as 14% weightage in Mains
Examination. 14% can not only help you find your name in the final selection list but, can also help
you considerably to secure a single digit rank.
What UPSC Expects from an essay(as mentioned in the Syllabus):

  1. Keep closely to the subject of the essay
  2. Arrange the ideas in an orderly fashion
  3. Write concisely
  4. Effective and Exact Expression



“First Impression is the last impression”:Make sure you begin your essay in way that leaves a
profound impact on the examiner’s mind. This can be done by announcing your thoughts, arousing
curiosity, and scoping.

To be an exception, you need to embellish your essay with X- Factors.
Arranging the ideas in an orderly fashion creates a flow, and creating this flow itself is an art. For this
you would need a few Analysis Tools.

This ESSAY MODULE brought to you by Khan Study Group (KSG) has been prepared with utmost
care keeping in mind the stake it holds in the greater schemes of things.
Learn the art of essay writing through this KSG Support Module.