Why to choose PSIR as an optional?

PSIR is one of the most scoring subjects in UPSC CSE. In the recent years a high percentage of candidates in the top 100 are from PSIR optional. Candidates have scored 320+ marks in the subject which has helped them increase their overall score in the mains. For many candidates PSIR has become the key factor in ensuring that their names appear in the final list. For many others, the high score in the optional subject has been crucial in improving the overall rank.

Apart from this, PSIR also helps a candidate in developing a critical thinking which is of great help in the essay paper. The quotations and philosophies of various thinkers that we learn in the PSIR paper I can be used in many of the essays giving it an extra edge.

Also in GS Paper 2 for both governance and International Relations part, PSIR paper II is of great help. PSIR paper II can give a candidate an in-depth understanding of the International issues. Thus, a candidate with PSIR optional will save a considerable time which he would have to otherwise devote for these portions of the GS papers.

Why at KSG?

At KSG we have a highly dedicated team of teachers with many years of experience in the subject. There is comprehensive coverage of the entire syllabus and the class notes are revised and regularly updated as per the changing pattern and demand of the exam. The meticulous and diligent coverage of the course will ease the learning of the subject and the expertise of Faculty will give you in class learning and greater insights. Use of various technological pedagogies would help students grasp things easily.

Following a fixed schedule is really a challenging task, but if done, can do wonders. We at KSG are devoted to following a strict schedule. The course is completed in time.

KSG is renowned for its emphasis on Answer writing. By this time you must have known that it is only answer writing that will help you fetch a good rank in CSE. We at KSG have put the same emphasis on Optional Answer practice as we do for General Studies. We conduct regular tests to help a candidate assess his/her performance on a regular basis. Through these tests we also focus on developing the answer writing skills in the students.

Post Completion Support

We at KSG remain enthusiastic about your preparation and selection. Our association with aspirants is not only limited to the months of course completion classes but extends well beyond that. Support is given to aspirants in the form of updated material, missed classes, answer evaluation with valuable feedback and interaction with faculty. We try to aid the students in maintaining zeal and enthusiasm throughout their journey of preparation. We remain associated with our students and provide them the required assistance till their final selection.