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In light of the recent trends and pattern of the Civil Services examination which has transformed into a dynamic application and understanding based exam, there is a need to move away from rote learning to understanding concepts, developing good comprehension skills along with learning how to access and process knowledge independently. KSG’s Edge Program is devised keeping in mind these new insights to enhance the preparation of candidates in a wider and broader sense. On the one hand, it embodies in itself, the all-round development of an individual candidate; on the other hand, it leads to progressive development of the innate abilities that gives aspirants the much requisite ‘extra edge’.

The KSG Edge program is based on four pillars. The first pillar is our ‘Edge Forum’. The Forum intends to guide the aspirant in discovering themselves, by identifying and nurturing their potential to the fullest by creating a platform for them to discuss and raise queries related to strategy, preparation and subject material. This allows the candidates to broaden and refine their outlook towards critical and important issues and creates a deliberating and contemplating community of aspirants.

The second pillar of the program is the ‘Answer Writing Skill Development Programme’. In the UPSC examination, ‘Writing’ not only represents the utterances one has in mind, but it is inherently an integrative process, reflecting the organization of ideas, facts and experiences of the aspirants. This programme is a rigorous, comprehensive and exhaustive daily answer writing program for serious and sincere aspirants. It tries to sharpen, enhance, strengthen and augment your answer writing abilities in consonance with the requirements for the Mains examination through proper feedback and guidance. Through the various packages available under this programme, we will work on your ability to contextualize, represent and structure content and facts as per the needs of key words in the questions. Our Evaluators and Mentors will simultaneously identify lacunas in your answer writing abilities and guide you on how to transcend and strengthen these lacunas.

As answer writing has its own place, potential and importance in the UPSC mains examination; under the third pillar of the Edge program which is the ‘Daily Answer Writing’ program, a representative question is uploaded on the website daily; aspirants can attempt these questions and upload their answers on the website for our expert evaluation.

The fourth pillar further strengthens and expands our commitment to give you an edge in the mains examination. Under the ‘Daily Evaluation program’, you can upload answers attempted by you as per your discretion for evaluation by our mentors and expert faculty. It is here, where we teach the difference between bt, by encouraging aspirants to imagine and invent and not reinvent the same wheel.

The KSG Edge Program aims to demystify the Civil Services Exam by instilling confidence and competence in candidates. It tries to transcend the realm of rote learning by providing a synthesis of knowledge and skills. In turn making the learning experience more concept driven not content driven. The program ultimately tries to make your Civil services journey more engaging, meaningful, stimulating and convenient.




Daily Answer Writing


Daily Evaluation

A Discussion Platform for all your Preparation Strategies & Queries

  Current Affairs Answer Writing  

We will give you 1 question Daily. Submit it here for Evaluation.


If you have a question, You can submit your written answer here

  Subject Wise Answer Writing    
  Essay Writing    

It has been established well that current affairs/events  are imperative for the CSE Examination, whether it be PT or Mains. KSG has been known for It’s research-oriented content for Prelims and Mains, which can be corroborated by the fact that around 69% of the Questions in Prelims 2020 were directly/indirectly from KSG’s material and classes. Current classes had a direct hit on many Questions and helped solve many others indirectly. 

Our Current Affairs Module has the following features.

·       65+ hours of Current Affairs classes

·       Conceptual Clarity of Static Portion along with Current Affairs

·       Coverage of Current Affairs from Last 16-18 Months

·       Selection of Most Important topic gathered thorough analysis of Previous Year Trends

·       Topics have been bifurcated for the ease of grasp of Aspirants.

·       Crisp Study Material for quick revision

·       Daily Test on Current affairs having 15-20 Question


  •    1 Full length Current Affairs Test
  • 2 Comprehensive GS Paper 1 Tests 


Topics to Be Covered:

1.   Polity

2.   Environment

3.   Science & Technology

4.   Schemes

5.   International Organisations

6.   Economy

7.   Economic Survey and Budget

8.   Geography Along With Mapping

9.   Art and Culture in News


 Click here to view/download Schedule (pdf)


Rs 3,499/-

Rs 2,499/- for Ex-KSG Students

PRAYAS KSG is an Institute Exclusively for MPPSC. This initiative, is a new venture by Khan Study Group (KSG), which is the best IAS Coaching Institute for General Studies and CSAT in India. Offering GS under the expertise of Dr Khan & Team.

PRAYAS KSG is passionate about your success in Madhya Pradesh Public Services Examination (MPPSC). Our mission is to demystify the Public Services Exam and help candidates to acquire confidence and competence to emerge successful. We ensure that our guidance process makes the learning experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Our process is the culmination of the best minds to produce enormous success stories. We make sure that your MPPSC preparation journey reaches the true destination.

PRAYAS KSG which is a brainchild of KSG, is dedicated team of 10-12 competent teachers working under the guidance of Apurv Sir. After the continuous research of five years, Team KSG, has built a group of teachers from Both Delhi and Madhya Pradesh having competence in the respective field and teaching in their respective streams from years.

The main objective of PRAYAS KSG is to work on each topic sequentially and subsequently so that every aspirant while writing subjective answers and solving objective questions would feel confidant.

It is very well acknowledged that there is no institute in Madhya Pradesh which adopt specialized and module based teaching programme. Generally, a particular individual is taking care of all the subjects. However this examination requires specialized training for each topic. PRAYAS KSG under the patronage of KSG will surely fill this vacuum and would also fulfill the demands of MPPSC Aspirants.

We, at PRAYAS KSG, take initiative to make students affluent and promote camaraderie under all circumstances. At PRAYAS KSG, we don’t only share information we also share experience. Our course is well designed and updated with the changing patterns of the examination.


Course we offered
We offer exclusive courses for  MPPSC Examination in both English and Hindi .We will also provide dedicated Pre & Mains Test Series.

Course Duration:
Course Duration : 10 to 12 months.
Classes Duration: 4 hours classes
Fee Structure: 88500/- Included GST
Pre + Mains + Test Series+ Study Material

Contact us
PO Box 462011 S1, S2 43 R.R. Arcade, M.P. Nagar Zone 2, Bhopal, M.P.
72239013339 / 9302963679 / 0722-390-1339
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. |


We, KSG India, are known for the quality coaching across all our centres that is expressed through the performance of our students;

“All India 3 times Highest GS Score in Last 5 Years”

Such is the quality of GS coaching at KSG.

The same quality of physical classes is now available at your convenience through online mode.

It is especially suitable for those aspirants who could not travel to join our centre batches due to their job, college or some other constraints.

Also suitable for those who want to start GS preparation early.

Batch Date   19 October 2020
Duration   900 Hours (approx)

Daily Class 7:30am-12noon*
Including a Doubt Clearing Session of 30 mins
* 10 mins Break Included

Fee   Rs. 95,000/- + GST

Introduction Class

The Curriculum of ksg Advance foundation Course or commonly called as 2 year course is based on the concept of incremental learing and soft paddling towards the goal of securing a place in the Civil services Examination conducted by UPSC and other such similar competitive examinations.

The program is profoundly planned keeping in mind the demand of the competitive examinations. In this initiative,  we work on the overall development of the students in a very nuanced and meticulous way.

We are steering the Journey of the students in a Module based Manner for e.g.

1. Newspaper Reading Module: In this particular module Students will be taught in the classroom about how to read the Newspaper? What to read and most importantly what to leave because nothing is more important than the precious time available with them.

2. Basic Concepts Module: In this module, The Focus of the Faculties is to cover the NCERT's and Other state board books like TN State board books for History apart from this,Basic concepts and terminologies associated with all the subjects asked in the examinations will be dealt in detail.

3. Dominant issues Module: Current Issues are taken up by the faculties in classrooms and also Issues of the Month ( IOM )Magazine will supplement the knowledge craving of the students.

4. Map reading Module: Maps play a vital role in the examination and in life also. Through Atlas faculties will teach map reading and its effective usage.

5. Aptitude Skill Module/ Csat Skill Module: In this module the  Csat portion comprising of Mathematics, Reasoning & English will be covered and additionally the Compulsory paper of General English asked in the Upsc mains exam will be covered by the faculties.

6. Writing Skill Module: It is presumably the most important aspect of Upsc examination. Therefore we mold students to write since inception of the classes through myriad initiatives. e.g  (CWP)Convergence Writing practice, Newspaper Analysis Test (NAT), Pre Assessment Test PAT which covera previous year question papers, Subject wise Class tests based on teaching in the classroom, IOM questions based on Current Affairs magazine and Essay writing modules etc.

7. Book Reading Module:
Here the faculties will put in perspective the excerpts of multifarious range of books ranging from, Administrative and Management Books, Autobiographies, and Contemporary books.

Last but not the least,
Personality Development Module:
1. Interaction with Bureaucrats: In this, we introduce serving and retired bureaucrats with the students and they provide them valuable insights.

2. Conducting Activities in the classes: debates and Assignments, Research workshops for presentation in the classroom.

For Online- Rs.1,85,000 including GST
For Offline- Rs.2,25,000 including GST


UPSC Prelims 2020 Date: 4 Oct 2020

Download Papers from here


After the Prelims, the speculation over the cut off marks are always high. Aspirants across
the country try to search for the expected cut-off marks for the Prelims examination. Even after 2019 Prelims the search for Cut-off marks was very high.

In order to qunech this curosity of cut-off marks and even to find out a reliable answer key, KSG IAS has been very genuinely giving out the Answer Key and even the Probable cut-off marks.

* Download 1000 Practice Questions For UPSC CSE Mains 2020:

IAS 2020 | Prelims 2020 | UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam | Answer Key | Probable Cut Off Marks | Cut Off Marks Prediction | 4 October | Paper 1 | Paper 2 | General Studies | CSAT | Series A | Series B | Series C | Series D |

UPSC Prelims 2022 Date: 5 June

Answer Key & Cut Off (Will be Released on 5 June 6pm)

* Download Practice Questions For UPSC CSE Mains 2022

Download Papers

After the Prelims, the speculation over the cut off marks are always high. Aspirants across
the country try to search for the expected cut-off marks for the Prelims examination. Even after 2021 Prelims the search for Cut-off marks was very high.

In order to qunech this curosity of cut-off marks and even to find out a reliable answer key, KSG IAS has been very genuinely giving out the Answer Key and even the Probable cut-off marks.

IAS 2021 | Prelims 2021 | UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam | Answer Key | Probable Cut Off Marks | Cut Off Marks Prediction | 5 June | Paper 1 | Paper 2 | General Studies | CSAT | Series A | Series B | Series C | Series D |

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