This 13 September 2019, a full moon will be visible in the sky, which will be the first time in nearly 20 years that it will coincide with the 13th September 2019. If this was not spooky enough for the people in the west, this full moon is also a “Harvest Moon”. A Harvest Moon is the full moon nearest the start of fall or the autumnal equinox– when the length of day and night are the same. This means, it typically coincides with the September full moon but it can occasionally occur around the October full moon as well.
Why is it called the Harvest Moon?
  1. Normally, the Moon rises an average of 50 minutes after the sunset but the Harvest Moon comes soon after the sunset due to autumn equinox
  2. It creates an abundance of bright moonlight early in the evening, which had been a traditional aide to farmers in the past with harvesting of their summer-grown crops. Hence, the name “Harvest” Moon.
  3. With Harvest Moon coinciding with the 13th, the phenomenon is being seen as a spooky element in the west, given superstitions about the date. 
  4. There’s also the theory that 13 gets a bad rep for coming after the “complete” number twelve — twelve months in a year, twelve signs in the zodiac, etc. — a numerologist explained to National Geographic.
  5. The last time full moon coincided with the 13th was on October 13, 2000, and the next time it will happen on August 13, 2049.