UK's capital London has been named as the world's best city for students for the second consecutive year, beating international cities like Tokyo and Melbourne that came second and third respectively on a new worldwide rankings released. The 'QS Best Student Cities Ranking' compiled by global education consultancy QS Quacquarelli Symonds highlights each city's performance across six categories - the number of top-ranked universities; the proportion of a city's population made up of students; quality of life on offer; job opportunities available after graduation; affordability; and the feedback of the students themselves.
  1. According to the rankings, India's best student city is Bangalore (81st), followed by Mumbai (85th), Delhi at 113 and Chennai at 115 out of a total of 120 cities ranked in the list. 
  2. The fact that London has again been ranked the best city in the world in which to be a student is fantastic news - and is no surprise given that London is home to world-leading higher education institutions and a vibrant cultural life.
  3. London beat international cities such as Tokyo in Japan (2nd) and Melbourne in Australia (3rd) to grab the first place for the second consecutive year. 
  4. Student numbers from India coming to study in London registered a hike of 20 per cent in 2017-18, marking an increase from 4,545 in 2016-17 to 5,455 in 2017-18. 
  5. However, the numbers are still below the mark than could be achieved from a large student market like India due to a less than attractive visa regime which puts some off from applying to the UK. 
  6. London's high number of top universities, excellent employment opportunities and diversity of its student body emerged as the standout factors for the UK capital to cement its number one position, as well as positive feedback provided by London's students. 
  7. Europe dominates the list in the latest ranking, with the German cities of Munich (4th) and Berlin (5th), followed by the French capital Paris at the seventh place and Switzerland's Zurich at eighth place. 
  8. The Canadian city of Montreal (6th), Australia's Sydney (9th) and South Korean capital Seoul (10th) complete the top 10. 
  9. Other British cities featuring in the top 30 are Edinburgh (15th) and Manchester (29th).