The Jammu and Kashmir government has approved carving of a separate division for the state. With the creation of the Ladakh division, J&K now has three administrative and revenue divisionsJammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. This was a long-standing demand of the region’s two districts of Leh and Kargil. The posts of Divisional Commissioner (Ladakh) and Inspector General of Police (Ladakh) have also been approved. The new division will be headquartered in Leh.
  1. At present, the region is part of the Kashmir division and is administratively managed through the Leh and Kargil Autonomous Hill Councils.
  2. In December, councillors of both Hill councils had signed resolutions demanding a separate division for Ladakh seeking “complete autonomy” from the Kashmir administrative set up.
  3. The government order approving the creation of the Ladakh division states, “This decision of the Government goes a long way in fulfilling the governance and development aspirations of the people of Ladakh region. 
  4. The issue has been discussed at various fora and there has been a persistent demand for the creation of Division for Ladakh from many organizations including the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Councils (LAHDC) Leh and Kargil.”
  5. It argues that the Ladakh region is geographically isolated with a sparse population and inhospitable terrain which remains landlocked for nearly six months in a year.
  6. Consequently, the Region is riddled with insurmountable problems with respect to delivery of developmental schemes, redressal of public grievances, conduct of administrative affairs and governance as such.