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Do you think Smart Grids are indispensable for creating Smart Cities? Substantiate
•    Efficient and effective use of Energy is the most important thing for any government. Therefore, building energy infrastructures with high efficiency and renewable energy sources is an important yet challenging task for a sustainable future.

Smart grid –
•    A smart grid is an evolved grid system that manageselectricity demand in a sustainable, reliable and economic manner.
•    It is built on advanced infrastructure and tuned to facilitate the integration of all involved such as power stations, sub-stations, consumer etc.
•    The Smart grid refers to the networks that carry electricity from the plants where it is generated to consumers using computer-based technologies or internet.
•    Smart gridrefers to the nation’s next generation electrical power systems.

 Smart city –
•    The basic idea behind Smart city is to address the issue of governance and challenges exposed by Urbanization programs
•    Effective and efficient use of resources
Why Smart Grids are indispensible for creating Smart cities
Smart city offers Smart energy and that can be facilitated using Smart grid system.
High demand of energy (electricity) in Smart City would be catered through Smart grid.
Smart grids have environmental benefits. For instance, electricity generation is one of the largest source of Carbon emission making significant contribution to climate change and thus, Smart Grid help to reduce CO2  emission
Smart grid is essential also because it would meet
-    High energy demand by providing more electricity.
-    Increase reliability and quality of power supplies
-    Increase energy efficiency
-    Able to integrate low carbon sources into power banks (stations)
-    minimizes electrical losses,
-    capital expenditures and maintenance costs

Energy is one of the characteristics of Smart city. Other than Energy, there are other essential elements of Smart City like Smart healthcare, Smart mobility, and Smart governance.