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Let us begin with a question that appeared in 2016-Q. In the integrity index of Transparency International, India stands very low. Discuss briefly the legal, political, social and cultural factors that have caused the decline of public morality in India.

This question draws its interface from a single topic but we miss to see that it is hydra-headed. The ambit of this question spans through the dimensions like legal, political, social, cultural and moral.  UPSC Civil Services Exam will test your understanding through such questions in all three stages of the exam- Preliminary, Mains and Interview.

What if an aspirant has these multifarious aspects jotted down on a single page?

We at KSG are trying to facilitate the same approach through our initiative: KNOW-KNEW.
Equip yourself for such intricate multi-dimensional questions in a methodical and analytical way with our KNOW (KSG News Of the World) - KNEW (KSG News Editorial Writing) series.

How will this help an aspirant?
This series will provide you with cross- disciplinary analysis:
Facts: In this section you’ll find, readymade data from reliable source for PT and Mains.
Keywords: Last moment revision?? This section will help you in revising rapidly.
Quotes: To make your answers more presentable and analytical.
Connect: The series will help you interlink multifarious topics that you’ll need all through your preparation for this coveted exam.

The idea is to bring to you a theme with concision, precision and worthy revision.

There’s more! To keep you updated, KNOW-KNEW will come in versions which will be an extension or addition to any of the existing themes covered.
Stay Tuned!


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