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Dr Khan's Congratulations to UPSC CSE 17-18 Selected Candidates

Anu Kumari, AIR 2, UPSC CSE 2017-18, Exclusive Message

Sachin Gupta, AIR 3, UPSC CSE 2017-18 Sharing His Views About Dr Khan & KSG

Rishi Raj, AIR 27, UPSC CSE 2017-18 Sharing His Views About Dr Khan & KSG

Pushp Lata, AIR 80, UPSC CSE 2017-18 Sharing Her Views About Dr Khan & KSG

Mrinal Chatterjee, AIR 344, UPSC CSE 2017-18, Interaction With KSG Students

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Dr Khan

Dr. Khan began his career of teaching in 1988 as lecturer in a college of University of Delhi. He later taught at Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. He has several research papers and books to his credit.

Dr. Khan has been teaching General Studies since February 1992 to IAS aspirants and is very proud of the fact that almost every State and Union Territory in India has some civil servants who personally associate with him.

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