Essay Topics for UPSC CSE Mains Exams

1)    Too much of reservation will annul the very logic
2)    The veil of privacy and the credentials of democratic institutions in India
3)    Altruistic surrogacy: new frontiers of bio ethics
4)    Policy inconsistency of education affects generations
5)    The next seven decades of India in the light of unfinished tasks
6)    Cultural capitalism
7)    Appetite of tolerance is the root of social malevolence
8)    Religious freedom resides in individual not in their institutions
9)    God man & the holy man: vulnerability of religion or humanity
10)    Globalisation and its discontent through current contraction in world
11)    MAD and the global peace
12)    Refugees: whose responsibility after all?
13)    India’s foray into leadership responsibilities and the space diplomacy
14)    Economic reforms a matter of choice or compulsion in India?
15)    Cashless economy how real
16)    Tourism ; the untapped potential of India
17)    Sex is not a binary instance
18)    Sub-nationalism Vs diversity in India
19)    Unplanned urbanization and erratic climatic behavior: Are the urban population aware of the threat that looms large?
20)    Artificial intelligence and its future
21)    Relativity applies to physics only?
22)    Cyber threat- the real threat