Distance Learning and Mentoring Programme

The motive to design the Distance Learning Program is to provide the Quality Classroom Material at your location. You will get the complete package of printed notes for General Studies (Pre-cum-Mains). On regular basis we also provide class notes, regular tests for both prelims and mains examination and regular support via e-mail /phone.

The principal characteristic of our distance learning programme is that the student does not need to be present in a classroom in order to participate in the instruction. Our distance learning materials are based on the principles of learning theories to create desirable conditions that will facilitate effective self learning, i.e. knowing the objective, follow the content step by step, involving the students actively in learning. A distance learning (DL) text is designed and written in a modular-format to help home-based students to learn themselves effectively .

The  Strength of our Distance Learning Programme are:
1. Instructional Adequacy (design, content, remediation, language, scope etc.)
2.  Program Adequacy (simulation model design, procedures, efficiency etc.)
3.  Curriculum Adequacy (design, procedures etc.)

In this programme we provided all class notes (hand written), printed  notes and test papers to student.

Apart from Class Notes and Textbooks Students can expect:
Daily Tests
▪ We will provide daily tests for a period of one year.
▪ These tests will cover the entire syllabus with specific emphasis on all themes and subthemes in the subjects.
▪ Exhaustive explanations for learning beyond textbooks.
▪ Ensures continuous learning and evaluation.

Current Affairs Videos
▪ As Prelims approach, we will provide videos with extensive current affairs coverage.
▪ These will span National and International news relevant to the preparation.
▪ It mitigates time and efforts of the students.
▪ Allows for active and effective learning.
▪ Checks the correlativeness of static and current affairs preparation.

▪ As part of the Mains preparation, we will provide guidance towards essay writing.
▪ Dedicated Essay tests.
▪ Active feedback on Essay writing abilities.
▪ Vocabulary building exercises

Mains Answer Writing Practice
▪ We will provide Mains answer writing guidelines and classes.
▪ These are meant to acclimatize the student with the mains examination.
▪ It encourages content enrichment and conceptual clarity
▪ Developing a time management strategy
▪ Model answers for supplementing the course material and standard books
▪ Training in application of knowledge

Five Full Course Tests
▪ Before the Prelims examination, we will conduct five full tests for the students
▪ This is to replicate the actual examination environment.
▪ The Tests comprise of exhaustive coverage of syllabus with representative
current affair and static questions
▪ These tests are a reflection of past years trends and pattern of the exam
▪ It will weed out anxiety and exam-stress
▪ Honest evaluation of preparation before the examination
▪ Interdisciplinary interlinked approach towards the syllabus.

KTP Programmes
▪ These tests will allow for better organization of knowledge by greatly enhancing
retention of the retrieved information.
▪ Better metacognitive monitoring of both students and teachers.
▪ Discover gaps in their knowledge to help students organize information and form a coherent knowledge base.

With a vision to provide transformative education in diverse parts of the country, KSG aims to create an environment conducive to self-enrichment and personality development. Our mission is to demystify the Civil Services Exam and help candidates acquire confidence and competence to emerge successful. We ensure that our guidance process makes the learning experience more captivating, meaningful, stimulating, convenient and delightful. This process has produced enormous success stories as it is the culmination of our best minds working together to inculcate high moral and ethical values amongst our students to make them responsible citizens, compassionate human beings and competent administrators.

Revised Fee Rs: 35,000/-