CARe - Current Affairs Revision

It is a settled fact that UPSC Civil Services Examination has made Current Affairs indispensable for all the three rounds of Examination. Starting with the Prelims Round, it has been seen over the years that the quality and quantity of current affairs have been upgrading each year. From direct facts to analysis and to now the static link of current affairs, this round has it all, when it comes to current affairs. The General Studies Papers in the Mains Examination, specifically GS Paper II and GS Paper III have 70 – 80% of Current affairs load while GS Paper I and IV are not untouched by this segment. Personality test is to assess overall awareness which would require an expert observance on the current affairs.

How can KSG’s CARe Program help?

With full One year of sessions with Prelims and Mains Perspective KSG CARe Program will help aspirants develop insights and connectedness to the events as they unfold. This will help develop pointers for Mains Examination and fact-analysis for Prelims Examination.

What one could Expect from KSG’s CARe program?

 To give better insights and pointers

  1. Weekend Sessions of 2 Hours
  2. Post Session MCQs
  3. Effective and Crisp Notes’
  4. Faculty Support

More than One year of Current Affairs coverage

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