Importantance of Test Series for prelims

How Important is Test Series When It Comes To UPSC Prelims 

There arise 2 important questions in every UPSC aspirant’s mind. Number one is, is it worth spending time and money in taking the UPSC prelims test series? And Number two is which test series IAS test series to choose. 

On this web page, you’re going to read everything you want to know about the UPSC prelims test series and the answer to the question that why it’s important to solve the IAS test series when it comes to clearing the UPSC exams.

Why The UPSC Prelims Test Series is Important?

The Prelims exam for UPSC is the getaway to enter into it. So, to reach your destination, it is quite essential that you don’t take the UPSC exams for granted. You must have to ensure that how strong your preparation is and that would be only possible through taking the IAS test series. 

By taking the IAS and UPSC prelims test series; you come to know your weaknesses and strengths, so that you can work on converting your weaknesses into strengths. Apart from that, you can also get an idea about the time is taken for resolving each question (As a prelim is an objective type question exam). 

Time is a very crucial factor in prelims where you have to find the correct answer of 100 questions in 120 minutes. It sounds difficult but believe it, it’s not that difficult with proper practice and sufficient studies.  So, taking the IAS test series is going to help you a lot by testing your preparation before actual exams. 

Another important factor that you can’t simply ignore is the ‘Negative marking scheme’. Accordingly, for every wrong answer given by you, there will be a fraction of marks deducted. So, in short, guesses won’t take you to success and you can’t be lucky. So, in-all taking part in solving the IAS test series is really very important, without which we can say that your preparations are incomplete. 

To analyze the topic further, go through the detail article break into simple points hereafter.

UPSC Prelims Test Series Aids in Overcoming Exam Fear

Fear of appearing into the UPSC exam is natural. You’re not the only one who is nervous (Especially, if you are a beginner). No matter what, nervousness kills your potential to do wonders. In such a case, if you take the IAS test series, you will confident and would be able to check your preparation. Remember! Confidence is the best accessory one can wear.

Know Where You Stands!

Practice and preparation definitely are important for breaking into UPSC but how would you know that you are putting your efforts in the right direction? So, here IAS test series come to your rescue. Taking the UPSC prelims test series, you would be able to know where you stand and then can prepare to fix things where you lack.

Understanding The Exam Pattern & Feel The Heat

For beginners as well as those who have already attempted it before, feeling the exam heat is important to get themselves prepare before actual exams. Although, everything is already written everywhere in books and the internet that what would be the pattern of the UPSC prelims exam but you could only get it right when you really attempt it. 

You will be able to figure out the time limitation, level of exam pressure you can bear and to deal with it, and get the overall comprehensive examination method.

Help You To Deal With Uncertainty

Of course, you never know what is going to happen in the exam. You may be lucky, or it may be your bad day! It’s a complete surprise package. Many times, it happens that you know the answer but might be due to nervousness or out of fear, it completely gets wiped out of your mind. Another situation which is commonly observed among the UPSC prelims exam aspirants that when you go with 100% preparation and confidence in any subject say Current affairs, and you won’t be able to do good because the question paper is very difficult. 

So, to take the UPSC prelims test series, you would gain help in dealing with such unexpected and heartbreaking uncertainties.

Teaches You Time Mangement

One of the biggest advantages of participating in the IAS test series is you would be able to better manage your time. As we have already written above that, managing time will help you to take lead in the exam even with ok preparation. Plus, time management should also consider ‘Negative marking’. So, for time management, taking the UPSC prelims test series proves very helpful.

6 Mistakes That UPSC Aspirants Make in IAS Test Series

Mistake 1:

As per the report, almost 70% of students fail to select the right UPSC prelims test series.

Mistake 2:

Only focusing on solving questions and forgetting about negative marking along with time management

Mistake 3:

Most of the students only solve questions and don’t evaluate the results. (It is essential to extract your strong and weak areas)

Mistake 4:

Most of the students, irrespective of the actual nature of UPSC exams, try to solve only easy or difficult questions. Unfortunately, this doesn’t give them actual picture of their preparation.

Mistake 5:

Taking the IAS test series a day before exams

Mistake 6:

Students think that taking the IAS Test series is just a waste of time.


Altogether, there is no doubt that the UPSC prelims test series plays a very important role in strengthening your preparation for India’s most prestigious exam. Mock test series puts your preparation on the test and let you know how well you’re doing and what more to do.