Important Books for Urdu Optional for UPSC IAS Mains

UPSC Civil Services Exam is a highly reputed exam in India. It is also the toughest exam in the country which needs extraordinary dedication for preparation. 

The UPSC Civil Services Exam is conducted in the three stages - Prelims, Mains and Interview. Aspirants need to choose one optional subject for the UPSC Mains Exam. It plays an important role in deciding aspirants rank. 

The Urdu language is recognized as one of the 22nd languages of India. The Urdu Literature Optional Syllabus for the UPSC IAS Mains exam includes the genesis of language, criticisms, and a plethora of literature pieces. If the candidates have a good idea about the syntax and grammar along with literature, one can opt for this as their optional subject. 

It is not mandatory for Aspirants to graduate from Urdu. even If they have good knowledge of Urdu and their Syllabus, they can also opt for the Urdu Optional. 

At the current phase of UPSC, the success rate of the Literature subject is constantly rising. Candidates must think about a few main things before opting for a language as the optional paper: 

  • what is the current demand and scope of the subjects, and 
  • how much effort do they need to put in to get a good score in the optional subject, with an accurate approach. 

Candidates who are skilled in the Urdu language and have studied it in their curriculum or have learned Urdu as their mother tongue should choose this as an option.

Here, we are sharing with you the best reference books of Urdu for UPSC civil services Mains 2022. 

The Reference books can vary from candidate to candidate depending on their skills and knowledge.

  • Ansaf-e-SuKhan Aur Sher Haiyyaten – Shamian Ahmed
  • Mokqadwa; Tarikh-e-Zuban-e-Urdu – Prof. Maswood Husain Khan
  • Urdu Adab Ki Tarikh – Noorul Hasan Naqvi
  • Urdu Shairi ka Tanqeedi Mutala – Sumbul Nigaar
  • Urdu ki Lisani Tashkil – Mirza Khalil Ahmad Beg
  • Urdu Nasr ka Tanquidi Mutala – Sumbul Nigaar

Pre-planning for anything is important. We can’t ignore this part, for better results planning before implementation is mandatory.  

  • Make a monthly, weekly, and daily plan to schedule your study time including your other activities plan too.
  • Make a list of your weak parts. 
  • Set the time for your Urdu language paper preparations.