Best pen for UPSC Mains Exam 2020

Best pen for UPSC Mains Exam 2020

If you are an UPSC aspirant, you must have known that though the prelims examination is taken on OMR Sheets, the main examination is all about writing descriptive answers on a pen-paper mode. So, the concern among the candidates about which pen is to use is real along with the quality of exam preparation. Because, if you cannot write at a convenient pace with the best pen or if the ink of the pen blotches, it can cause you several problems in the examination. Because no matter how much you have read, if you cannot write down the whole content in a readable manner, the hard work will never pay off.

So, today we are going to talk about the best kind of pen you should use in a mains examination paper to ensure that you can write comfortably balancing the speed and legibility. In the preliminary examination, the candidates are asked to borrow black ballpoint pens to ensure the correct way of answering. But what about the mains examination?

Since in the mains examination, the candidates get to write so many descriptive and long answers in a time constraint, the pen should be scientifically chosen to ensure comfort. Here are some basic characteristics of pens that are needed to be present in that one you are using in your mains paper.

  • The pen should be lightweight as well as sleek in nature. In mains examination, the candidates get to write all day long. If the pen is not lightweight or sleek, it would stress out the fingers and the candidates can face difficulty while writing. Since the sleek pens are easy to hold it gives you the maximum support while writing.
  • The sharp-tipped pens should always be avoided since they tend to tear the papers. Instead, the soft-tipped pens are more user-friendly.
  • Both rubber and plastic grip pens are available in the market. But the candidates are suggested to use the rubber ones since they provide more friction which helps to enhance speed. The plastic ones may hurt your fingers while you are writing for a longer period.
  • No matter how technically enhanced pen you choose, if you fail it to use it efficiently, nothing will pay your benefit as a writer. So, first, learn to hold a pen scientifically. Do not grip the pen tightly as it will cause tiredness to your muscles and efficient writing would be affected.
  • If you are thinking of using gel pens, do not go for it. Because, generally it seems to be that gel pens are better than ball pens, but when it comes to a tedious event of writing where you get to write for hours, the ball pens are the wisest choice than any other pens.

And the last and not the least, do your best and practise writing at home as much as you can to ensure good handwriting with excellent content in a constraint period, because that would only help you to fetch good marks irrespective of any pen you use.