Important Books For UPSC Maths Optional

Important Books For UPSC Maths Optional

Mathematics is a complicated subject that needs the deep application of your brain. This is what most of the students feel. Well, that’s somewhere true that Maths is a technical subject involving too many formulas but those who like it, it is nothing less than fun to study Maths. If you are falling in the latter category, then you must opt Maths in UPSC Mains for optional subject. It’s undoubtedly a scoring subject.

In UPSC Mains optional subject, there are 2 papers of Mathematics - Paper I and Paper II. What books you are taking as a reference for preparing this subject is really important for the right preparation. You must refer to the best books for the preparation of UPSC Maths optional subject. The list of books is suggested topic wise for better help.

In Mathematics Paper I and II, there are some major topics that cover approximately 60% of the syllabus in the exam. These are-

Dynamics, Statics, and Hydrostatics - M. Ray

Statics is a very vast subject and full of calculations hence the short tricks for making fast calculations are very important. Also, You need to practice more and more for eliminating even minor mistakes. The book authored by M. Ray provides enough number of questions on the same topic that you can practice a particular topic easily and repeatedly. You can buy this book online.

Linear Algebra - K. B. Dutta

The book by K. B. Dutta on Linear Algebra is mostly preferred by Science and Engineering students. For the preparation of the UPSC also, this is the first choice of most of the students and faculties. It is designed just like a Maths textbook with separate practice areas and exercises to do. The book actually covers the concepts of Linear Algebra as well as Matrix Algebra. You can buy this book online.

Calculus - Shanthi Narayan

The book by Shanthi Narayan is widely referred to all over India for studying the topic of Calculus in the UPSC exams, Plus, in many other Undergraduate syllabi like B.A, B.SC, etc. In the recent update of the book two new topics have been added. Those being- “Centre of gravity and Moment of Interia”.

Ordinary Differential Eqs:- MD Raising Lumina, Golden Series - M. D. Raisinghania

Usually, aspirants of UPSC prepare this topic from 12th NCERT books. NCERT is always the first choice when you have to strengthen your fundamental concepts but for gaining higher understanding of the topic, you need to refer some other books. Differential Eqs are best covered by M. D. Raisinghania in his book. It has all the required concepts and practice material that makes a student cover the entire topic right from the single book.

Real Analysis - Shanthi Narayana

This book authored by Shanthi Narayana is the complete package for preparing topics like sets, real numbers, infinite series, and limits. Be it the fundamental concepts or practice questions and papers, Real Analysis by Shanthi Narayana covers everything for you.

These books are widely referred to by the past UPSC toppers and faculties. Besides the ones mentioned above, there are many other books also available but these are the most recommended ones.