List of Sociology Books for UPSC IAS Exam

List of Sociology Books for UPSC IAS Exam

A UPSC IAS examination has nine subjective papers in mains examination. Two optional subject papers are there which candidate can chose out of a list of subjects (one subject- 2 papers). Sociology is one of them. If you have immense interest in this subject or you have prior knowledge regarding the subject, you must go for this subject. Add to that, sociology is considered to be one of the most scoring subjects so most of the candidates go for it. Being a common part of both of the mains and prelims examination, this subject has drawn the attention of the aspirants so that they can merge up the notes for both of the examinations.

So, we have already discussed that it is always a wise choice to choose sociology as an optional one but what about the study material? No advantage of taking sociology would show its path if you are not putting the required effort into this subject. And to achieve the goal, you need the most reliable books as your study material. The books have not only a thorough discussion of every topic of this subject but also ample questions to solve that would be priceless for your practice. So, here is the list of sociology books you need to collect if you won't score high to achieve the cut off marks. And this is needless to say that the performance of the mains examination is largely dependent on the marks of the optional papers. The more you score, the higher your rank will be.

For paper I:

  1. Herton and Hunt, Sociology, Mcgraw - Hill International, Singapore 1984
  2. Abrahamson Mark, Urban Sociology, Prentice-Hall Inc, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1980 
  3. Haris C. C., The Sociology Enterprises: A Discussion of Fundamental Concept, St. Martin Press Inc., New York, 1980 
  4. Wilson John, Introduction to Social Movements, Basic Books, NY, 1998. 
  5. Hamilton, Malcolm, B. The Sociology of Religion, Routledge, London, 1995. 
  6. Williams, Malcolm, Science and Social Science: An Introduction, Routledge, London, 2000. 
  7. D.K.S. Roy, Social Development and the Empowerment of Marginalised Groups: Perspectives and Strategies, Sage, New Delhi – 2001
  8. Harris C.C., The Family, Allen and Unwin, London – 1977 
  9. Andreas Hess, Concept of Social Stratification, European and American Models, Palgrave, Houndmills, NY, 2001
  10. Giddens, Anthony, Capitalisation and Modern Social Theory, University Press Cambridge, 1971 

For Paper II: 

  1. Mandelbaum, David, Society in India, University of California, Press Berkeley, 1970 
  2. Srinivas M N Caste in Modern India and Other Essays, Asia Publishing House, Bombay -1962 
  3. Srinivas M N Social Change in Modern India, Berkeley, University of California Press 1966. 
  4. Srinivas and Shah, The Myth of the self-sufficiency of the Indian Village, The Economic Weekly,  
  5. Beteille Andre Sociology, Oxford, New Delhi - 2002  Beteille Andre, The idea of Natural, Inequality and Other Essays, Oxford, Delhi - 1987.  Beteille Andre, Essay in Contemporary Sociology, Oxford, Delhi - 1987.  Beteille Andre, Social Inequality of Indian Penguin, London, 1978.  Singh Yogender Cultural Change in India, Rawat, Jaipur, 2002.  Singh Yogender, Modernization of Indian Tradition, Thompson Press, New Delhi - 1973. 

Sociology books related to India:

  1. Ram Ahuja: Society in India 
  2. Ram Ahuja: Social problems in India 
  3. IGNOU notes
  4. Caste its 20th Century Avatar - M.N. Srinivas 
  5. Participation as freedom - Amartya Sen and Jean Dreze
  6. Y. Singh - Modernisation of Indian Tradition  Y. Singh - Social tradition in India
  7. L.P. Vidhyarthi - Tribal India
  8. Social structure - M.N. Srinivas  Yojana (Independence day special 2001 on population)