5 Books to Study Geography for IAS Prelims Exam

5 Books to Study Geography for IAS Prelims Exam

Geography is an optional subject for UPSC CSE exam. If you too have opted for Geography, we are making a list of top 5 books that you can refer to for studying Geography for the IAS Prelims Exam. Geography is a very vast but interesting subject. You can't do it overnight. Studying Geography includes many diversified topics which are further subdivided into many more topics. So, you must refer to a book that just does not give you the right direction to prepare the subject but helps you to work upon strengthening your fundamentals of Geography.

The subject of Geography in the syllabus of the IAS curriculum is divided into 2 parts viz., Indian Geography and World Geography. Most of the topics covered in the prelims exams from Geography are Social, Physical, and Economic Geography of India and the World. The list of books given here will for sure resolve all your issues related to the preparation of Geography subject.

Name of the Book - Certificate Physical and Human Geography

Author's Name - By Goh Cheng Leong

The book is a good source for studying Physical and Human Geography. The book divides itself into two major sections i.e. Physical Geography and Climate Geography. The second section includes Savanna, Steppe, Mediterranean, Equatorial, and Tropical Monsoon Climate. The book makes it easy to understand with the help of pictorial representation and illustrative examples. The Geography subject makes use of ample maps for understanding the locations with detailed explanations. This book is a good resource for preparing both prelims and mains.

Key Features of the book are -

  • Easy to understand language is used.
  • The quality of the pages is good, hence durable.
  • Printing quality is also nice.
  • Gives a comprehensive understanding of the conceptual Geography.

Name of the Book - Geography of India

Author's Name - By Majid Hussain

The book by Majid Husain covers all the important and relevant topics of Prelims. The book is suitable for the preparation of both the prelims and mains exam. The books provide a fundamental study of the Geography topics like Cropping pattern in India, Wildlife, Drainage system, transportation, PDS and food security, and Seasons.

Key Features of the book are -

  • The language used in the book is simple.
  • Extremely easy to understand that even without coaching classes one can easily understand the subject.
  • Informative content.
  • The fine quality of pages.

Name of the Book - World Geography

Author's Name - By Majid Hussain

The book describes the World Geography in detail. Candidates are able to study the Geographic details of all the countries along with demographic information like distribution of people all over the Earth. For a better understanding of the subject, the book provides enough study materials through maps, pictorial data, and illustrations. It covers all the continents like Africa, Asia, America, Europe, and Australia.

Key Features of the book are -

  • It wouldn’t be wrong to call this book a theoretical Atlas.
  • Simple language.
  • Good printing quality.
  • Page quality is up to the mark.
  • Detailing through pictorial representation which makes it easy to comprehend for the students.

Name of the Book - Geography of Population: Concepts, Determinants, and Patterns

Author's Name - RC Chandna

The book is designed well for students who have taken Geography as an optional subject. This book is focusing on the population aspect of the country and the world. It gives insights on topics like Migration, demographic attributes, types, sources, and problems of population data. It also gives deep-rooted knowledge on birth rates, death rates, and international labour movements.

Key Features of the book are -

  • Each and every topic starts with the basics to gain a fine understanding of the subject.
  • The printing quality of the pages is very good.
  • Contains tables, charts, and maps for long-lasting retention of the subject.

Name of the Book - Physical, Human, and Economic Geography for Civil Services Examination

Author’s Name -/ D. R. Khullar

This book is considered as one of the richest sources for the preparation of Geography subject for UPSC exam. It is for prelims mainly but can also be used for the preparation of the Mains exam. There are 2 sections in this book. One is dedicated to Physical Geography and the other one is Human and Economic Geography. It starts with the basic ideas of the Universe, Earth, Solar system, Lithosphere, atmosphere, etc. Apart from that, in the portion of Human and Economic Geography, it includes subjects like natural resources, minerals, and energy sources. Besides that, it gives fundamental knowledge of economic activities like transport, communication, manufacturing industries, etc.

Key Features of the book are -

  • The language used in the book is very simple and easy to remember the vocabulary.
  • The way facts and information are presented makes the subject interesting to the readers.
  • Designed in a user-friendly way.

The quality of printing and pages is also good.