NCERT Books for UPSC Prelims Exam

NCERT Books for UPSC Prelims Exam Preparations

Following NCERT books is essential yet important steps for those who are preparing for UPSC Prelims Exam. Test-takers are always advised to start their exam preparation journey from the basics of NCERT textbooks. Most of the applicants either avoid or skip following NCERTs, which could be fatal for their preparation period. In fact, numerous toppers have conceded that they reasonably pursued NCERT books for IAS arrangement makes their preparation well and helped them to achieve valuable marks in the exam.

Why Choose NCERT Textbooks?

Have a look on the reasons:

  • NCERT books are easily accessible.
  • Follows the simple language for better understanding.
  • Not so costly, easily fits in the budget.
  • Language is easy to grasp.
  • Helpful to clear basics.

Importance of NCERT Books For UPSC Prelims Exam

UPSC has a track to follow for picking up questions directly from NCERT textbooks. Be in terms of Prelims or Mains exam, when it comes to a conceptual understanding, UPSC gives more preference to NCERT textbooks. NCERT books are easily available to both rural and urban candidates. In addition, the information provided in the NCERT books is authentic and trustworthy.

List of NCERT Textbooks Needed For UPSC Prelims

Indian Society Book

  • NCERT Book Class XI – Sociology (Understanding Society)
  • NCERT BookClass XII –Development in IndiaandSocial Change
  • NCERT BookClass XII – Indian Society

History Book

  • NCERT Book Class VII – Our Past (I)
  • NCERT BookClass VI – Our Past
  • NCERT BookClass VIII – Our Past (II) and (III)
  • NCERT BookClass XII – Themes in Indian History (II)
  • NCERT BookClass XII – Themes In Indian History (I)
  • NCERT BookClass XII – Themes in Indian History(III)

Art & Culture Book

  • NCERT BookClass XI – Living Craft Traditions of India (Chapters 9 & 10)
  • NCERT BookClass XI – An Introduction to Indian Art

Polity Book

  • NCERT BookClass X – Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – II
  • NCERT BookClass IX – Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – I
  • NCERT BookClass XI – Political Science: Political Theory
  • NCERT BookClass XII – Political Science II: Politics in India since Independence
  • NCERT BookClass XI – Political Science: Indian Constitution at Work

Geography Book

  • NCERT BookClass VII – Our Environment
  • NCERT BookClass VI – The Earth Our Habitat
  • NCERT BookClass IX – Contemporary India – I
  • NCERT BookClass VIII – Resource and Development
  • NCERT BookClass XI – India – Physical Environment
  • NCERT BookClass X – Contemporary India – II
  • NCERT BookClass XII – India – People and Economy
  • NCERT BookClass XI – Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  • NCERT BookClass XII – Fundamentals of Human Geography

Science/Technology/Environment/Ecology Book

  • NCERT BookClass VI
  • NCERT BookClass VIII
  • NCERT BookClass XII – Biology (chapters 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16); Chemistry (chapter 16)
  • NCERT BookClass X
  • NCERT BookClass VII
  • NCERT BookClass IX
  • NCERT BookClass XI

Economics Book

  • NCERT BookClass XI – Indian Economic Development
  • NCERT BookClass IX – Economics
  • NCERT BookClass XII – Introductory Microeconomics
  • NCERT BookClass X – Understanding Economic Development
  • NCERT BookClass XII – Introductory Macroeconomics