5 Best Magazines Should Read for UPSC Exam

5 Best Magazines Should Read for UPSC Exam Preparation 

While you prepare for the UPSC examination you must know about the best study material to rely upon. The diversity of UPSC exam makes it an area which requires a candidate to gather information about every happening around, newspapers and magazines are best sources to gather information and keep you updated. As a UPSC aspirant you should have a habit of reading daily newspaper but reading magazines not only provides you with study material but also with practice tests, toppers interviews, tips and strategies to clear exam. There are many magazines available in the market for UPSC preparation but there is no need to read all magazines. Reading selective magazines will help you to prepare and score well. There may be confusion about which magazines to read, read on this article to know about the best magazines to read for UPSC preparation


 Yojana is one of the best monthly magazines published by Publications Division of the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This magazine deals with socio economic issues. Yojana provides content on one theme every month. This way it gives content on different topics every month. This magazine is available in 13 languages -English, Hindi, Assamese, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Oriya. Being a government published magazines it gives data and facts accepted by government. This magazine is prescribed by most of the successful candidates. This magazine proves to be helpful in main exam, Essay paper and Personality Test. But it will be more beneficial if you have read NCERT books and basic study material. This magazine can be downloaded from the website Yojana.gov.in free of cost. 


This magazine is also published by Publications Division. It focuses on issues related to Rural development, infrastructure, agriculture etc. You can find this magazine in Hindi and English. This magazine analyses and studies about the recent development in rural India and what impact does all government schemes have. This magazine is recommended for the preparation of general studies mains, essay and personality test. This magazine helps aspirants to get government perspectives on many topics. This magazine is very useful for those seeking career in public administration. Kurukshetra helps in both prelims and main examination as recently UPSC is focusing on environment and rural development 

Pratiyogita Darpan:

This magazine is available both Hindi and English and mostly it is a magazine on current affairs and general knowledge. It covers most of the competitive topics like economy, geography, history, politics and constitution of India and current affairs. It is great value for aspirants with solved papers, toppers interview, and employment related news. 

Economic and Political Weekly (EPW):

Economic and Political Weekly popularly known as EPW is weekly social science journal. It covers topics like economics, politics, sociology, culture and so many other social issues. This magazine is mostly helpful to answer analytical question in the main exam. For written exam and personality test this magazine is highly recommended. It brings together academicians, researchers policy makers and political debates. The articles published in this journal are quite technical in nature. Basically Economic and Political Weekly is an Indian institution which has a global reputation. Aspirants can get their print and online edition at subsidized prices. 

Science Reporter:

It is a popular monthly science magazine which is published by National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, a government agency. This magazine is a platform to share views and exchange ideas about science policy, research topics and future of science in India. It recommended to keep yourself updated for latest updates from the world of science.