Books of History for IAS

5 Books of History for IAS Prelims Exam 

History is perceived to be the most boring subject ever. However, many find it interesting to know events and happenings from the past. Well, whether you love it or hate it, you can't avoid the subject of History especially when it comes to the preparation of UPSC exams. 

History is a very important subject in the prelims exam of UPSC. So, let us see some of the most-referred History books for UPSC by toppers and recommended by expert faculties. 

1. Centre for Cultural Resources and Training textbook for Indian Art & Culture.  

The book is good for the preparation of prelims as well as the mains exam. The book is preferred by many students due to the well-arrangement of information in a simple and easy manner. The book covers all the relevant information about Indian art, culture, music, paintings, and architecture. Another good thing about the book is that it helps in learning through pictures and diagrams which help in developing the interest of the readers. The book is available online on the CCRT website and in the market as well. 

2. India’s Struggle For Independence by Bipin Chandra 

This book is the complete package for learning everything about India’s independence movement. Bipin Chandra has explained each and everything in-depth about India’s freedom struggle against the East India Company and the British government. This book has been written based on research and authentic sources. Besides history, the book also narrates the consequences of those struggle movements on India, its culture, economy, and tradition. You can buy the book in just one click on the internet and at attractive discounts. 

Bipin Chandra is a renowned name among the community of Historians in India. He has mastered and got specialization in the Economic and Political History of Modern India. He has specially studied the Indian Movements and struggle for Independence and wrote many books on this. 

3. History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra 

For those who are interested to know about 1000 years old Indian history, this book is the ideal one. It contains all the events and empires in the sequence of their occurrence from the 8th to 18th centuries. The stuff is explained in an easy tone so that students who are preparing for an exam by themselves can also refer to this book. The writer has kept the language simple and made use of easy vocabulary so that anyone can take benefit from the book for knowing the ancient history of India. If you want to grab this book at a discounted price, you can visit online book stores like Amazon and Flipkart. However, the book is also available offline in the market. 

Satish Chandra was also among the great Indian historians. He died in October 2017 but before that he has written many books revealing all his knowledge about Medieval Indian history, which is his area of specialization. 

4. India’s Ancient Past by R. S. Sharma 

S. Sharma is a well-known writer for writing books for competitive exams. This is an important book by him containing the best description of India’s ancient past. It covers everything from neolithic to chalcolithic period to the era of Harshvardhan. The best part is, it won’t let the readers to get bored due to the addition of diagrams and pictures in it. R. S. Sharma has written so many books about India and its history for students preparing for UPSC exams. 

5. Spectrum for Modern Indian History 

Knowledge of Indian history is a must crack UPSC exam. It's part of the syllabus. Everything given in the book is very precise yet relevant from the exam point of view. The book develops the ability to understand the history of modern India in the right way.