Top Anthropology Books for UPSC Exam

Best Anthropology Books for UPSC Exam

The next Mains exam of UPSC 2020 is near and this is the right time to make commitments with your studies. Anthropology is considered as one of the easiest subjects to opt for in UPSC exams. This is because the syllabus is small. Now, as compared to earlier, the scope of cracking UPSC is getting better if Anthropology is prepared perfectly. 

Those who are from the medical fraternity or studied biology ever should definitely choose the subject of Anthropology because they have an upper hand in the subject. And yes, anyone who holds sheer interest in this subject can also join. Although the subject’s name sounds quite conceptual, it is not that difficult as it seems. Eventually, your interest matters a lot. To help you out with the preparation of this subject, we have made a list of some best Anthropology books for UPSC exam

The subject of Anthropology consists of 2 papers each of 250 marks. The list given here is exclusive; candidates can prefer any one of the given books. However, if a candidate refers only one book it is enough but for reference, more than one book can be referred. Along with the list of books, ISBN no. is also given which helps you to find the exact book online without any hassle. 

Book 1 - Indian Anthropology by Nadeem Hasnain 

This is a widely referred book for the preparation of Anthropology. The book was published in 1996 and since then thousands of UPSC students have taken benefit from this book. This is a nice book and trusted by many for the preparation of Anthropology. It covers both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the subject in simple English language.  The book can be ordered easily online with a handsome amount of discount. ISBN no. of the book is 9788189267995. 

Book 2 - An Introduction to Social Anthropology by D N Majumdar & T N Madan 

The author of the book is a great sociologist and has poured all his knowledge of the subject into this book. What makes this book different from others is the good arrangement of chapters in a systematic order. Expert faculties have suggested this book for beginners to start preparing in an easy way. The book is easily available online as well as at offline stores in almost all the cities of India. ISBN no. of the book is 9788171981472.

Book 3 - Tribal India by Nadeem Hasnain 

Another book which is written by NadeemHasnain is 'Tribal India'. The book mainly focuses on the involvement and origin of Tribal communities that exist in India. Nadeem Hasnain is liked by UPSC students for an easy and simple narration that won't let the subject get boring. Students must know that they can't prepare the subject only through this book because this book only writes about Tribals. So it is suggested to refer to one more book with this. ISBN no. of the book is 9788185799612. 

Book 4 - History of Anthropology Thought by Gaya Pandey & Vijay S Upadhyay 

This book covers everything from cultural evolution to the evolution of religion divided into short and easy chapters in order. It is therefore easy to establish interrelation between topics and analytically study the subject. Elements of social schools are also beautifully articulated in the book. You can order the book online. Publishers keep on updating this book in light of the changes made by the UPSC from time to time. ISBN no. of the book is 8170224926. 

Book 5 - An Introduction of Anthropology Theories by Makhan Jha 

This book on Anthropology is publishing since 1994 and consistently making changes to serve the best to UPSC aspirants who have chosen Anthropology as their optional subject. The book is preferred by many students for the preparation of both papers of Anthropology which is evident by its 4.5/5 ranking by the largest online readers’ community - Good reads. This book explains everything about the origin, structure, diffusion, function, and personality of culture.  ISBN no. of the book is 9780706986891. 

These are the 5 top-rated books on the subject of Anthropology for the preparation of an optional subject in UPSC. Besides the above books, there are some tips and strategies from UPSC toppers and expert faculties that help you to prepare well for exams 2020. 

Tips For The Preparation of Anthropology 

  • Present your answer systematically. Add headings and subheadings wherever necessary.
  • Draw flowcharts, diagrams, and timelines of the answers involving a series of past events.
  • If possible, give reference to relevant case studies & examples in your answer to make it better than others.
  • Add statistics, charts, and bullet points to explain your answer in a simple and better way.