Recommended Books For IAS Mains Exam Preparation

Books are our best friends and when it comes to the preparation of civil services like UPSC and IAS, studying from the right book is very crucial. Although there are a ton of apps and online websites providing relevant stuff for the preparation of civil services, books have their own importance. You may buy Books For IAS Mains online as well. There is no lack of IAS Preparation Books available in the market. One gets confused as to buy the books that are best for exam preparation.

IAS exams have multiple subjects from the varied stream. Hence, it is very crucial to get the proper book for each and every subject with every detail that helps you in clearing the target examination. Books For IAS Mains are required for additional subjects like Foreign relations, internal security, ethics, etc. These are the subjects on which books are not easily available. Not every writer writes on these complicated topics.

6 Reasons Why Books Should Be Preferred Over Online Apps/Websites?

Internet is widespread today and can be accessed through mobile devices at a pocket-friendly cost. That’s really good as far as is concerned but sometimes books are recommended and preferable when you want an ocean of knowledge all in one place. We are here giving you some of the possible reasons why should we prefer to learn through books instead of online Apps and websites.

  • For every subject, there are many books available. They provide knowledge in a synchronized and simplify manner.
  • On the internet, you find information in a scattered manner while books are organized sources of information and content.
  • Information and Knowledge gain through books are authentic whereas on the internet all types of miscellaneous information floats. You never know what is right and what is wrong?
  • You can’t read for hours through computers or mobile phones. Books will then come to your rescue reading for long without stressing your eyes.
  • Mobile or computer batteries may die but books have no such issues.
  • You need an internet connection for reading or learning information online but books are ready to impart knowledge anytime.
  • Moral senses etc.

Indeed! The mobility factor is very important and beneficial when it comes to learning things on the fly. But eventually, books can only help you to clear such highly competitive IAS and UPSC examination.

Importance of Selecting a Right Book!

It is very important to pick the right book otherwise you may face the failure in the examination. Here are the few points which support the fact that selecting the right IAS and UPSC Preparation books is important.

  • A right book saves you from reading and retaining the wrong facts and information.
  • It helps you in preparing good and short notes.
  • The right book creates a thin line between dip learning and smart learning.
  • Saves your time providing you only relevant material.
  • It provides tested and trusted information.

Subject & Paper Wise List of Books For IAS Mains Exam Preparation

There are hundreds of books available in the market on a single subject and it is very confusing for an aspirant to pick which book or which not. Studying through good & relevant reference books is very important if you are preparing for civil services. You can find as many IAS preparation books as you want both online and offline but which one is best suitable? is a confusing question.

However, the basic information and concepts are identical in all the books but the way the author makes the difference for the readers. Some author covers all the concepts and ideas in a very simple and interactive way while some author adds examples to make it easy for the readers. It is now up to you which book you should read so that you can grasp the thing in the way they are without any misunderstanding.

We are here providing the list of UPSC Preparation books which you should refer to preparing your exams. Please note that Books For IAS Mains exam suggested in this article are just a recommendation on the basis of reviews given by toppers, professors and past IAS officers. You should make your choice based on how you learn and grasp things.


Name of the Book


Indian History

Ancient India

RS Sharma

Medieval History

History of Medieval India

Satish Chandra

Modern History

A Brief History of Modern India



Concise History of Modern India

Sujata Menon

Indian Culture

Facets of Indian Culture


Indian Geography

Old NCERT books



Physical Geography

Goh Cheng Leong


Geography of India

Majid Husain

Indian Polity

Indian Polity



An Introduction to the Constitution of India

D. D. Basu


The Constitution of India

P. M. Bakshi


Indian Economy

Ramesh Singh


Indian Economy

Mishra and Puri

International Relations

India’s Foreign Policy + Read Newspapers

Rajiv Sikri

Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment

Indian Economy + Study Budget and read Economy survey

Ramesh Singh


Environmental Studies: From Crisis to Cure


Security and Disaster Management

Internal Security & Disaster Management

Ashok Kumar, TMH


Science and Technology


Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude

Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude

Subba Rao and P.N. Roy Chaudary

Current Affairs

India Year Book




Shashi Tharoor


Contemporary Essay

Ramesh Singh

National Security

India’s National Security: A Reader



Challenges to Internal Security of India.


Some Pro Tips For IAS Aspirants

If you are preparing for IAS exams or are about to give an examination in the near future, you must read these pro tips that may help you a lot.

  • Keep a printout syllabus with you.
  • It is recommended to prepare from NCERT books and then take other reference books.
  • Don’t refer to too many books for a single subject.
  • Keep referring internet and YouTube for cross reference but don’t 100% depend on online sources.
  • You can take coaching and prepare separate notes of them.
  • Remember! Revision is very crucial.