Topper’s View on various topics of Polity

8 Videos Covering Toppers' View on Various Topics of Indian Polity

Perhaps the preparation model of the UPSC toppers is the most coveted thing for any aspirant. As most of them work on the same material, it is the way of preparation that holds the magic key to the success. KSG is unlocking the secrets of Power Classroom Program where you will experience how the candidates discuss and explain different topics of the UPSC syllabus.

Why this?

The difference of the any other classroom with Power Classroom Program is that here every student gets the same amount of attention to find out the drawbacks so that the teachers help them to rectify quickly. They are motivated with all the positive energy to have a hold over all the subjects they have selected.

Importance of Indian Polity in Civil Service Examination:

Indian polity has great impact on the success rate of the UPSC exams. In order to get good marks in both prelims and mains; every candidate should give good emphasize on the subject.

The syllabus of Indian Polity for UPSC covers Indian Council Acts, 1773, India Independence Act, 1947, First Cabinet of India, Interim Government, Objective Resolution, Constituent Assembly, Indian Constitutions and much more.


Issues of Indian Polity (8 Videos)


AIR - 64 CSE 18, G Surya Praveenchand - Views on Public Domain

AIR - 75 CSE 18, Mallarapu N - Views on Unity In Diversity


AIR - 75 CSE 18, Mallarapu N - Views on Public Interest & Public Welfare

AIR - 75 CSE 18, Mallarapu N - Views on Mahatma Gandhi & Education System


AIR - 140 CSE 18, Ambul Samaiya - Views on Political Power & Mao Zedong

AIR - 142 CSE 18, Achin Garg - Views on Citizen's Charter


AIR - 86 CSE 18, Ayushi Singh - Views on Articles & Citizenship

AIR - 114 CSE 18, Raushan Kumar - Views on Lokpal & Safeguards for PM