What are the small habits which can ensure my selection in UPSC?

Habits unquestionably define a person's personality, and in this situation, they may also make a difference. In addition to creating a schedule and making it a habit to adhere to it strictly, there are several simple tasks that, if carried out frequently, might be beneficial to you and surely make a positive difference such as:

  • During preparation, refrain from posing as a sanyasi. It is possible to lead a perfectly normal lifestyle. There are some people while doing the preparations, who cut themselves to the fullest from society. It is not recommended at all. Try to maintain a well-balanced routine.
  • Remembering that pleasure in life may come from many different things and not only clearing the UPSC exam. Being content from the inside out during the preparation process will show in the final merit list. People often suggest that you should enjoy the planning process, and this is what they mean by that. 
  • Trying to stay impassive during the journey and not allowing oneself to be readily persuaded by the ideas of others. It is true that preparing for the UPSC CSE requires time. so you need to be in complete charge. Keep your ideas and emotions free from the influence of other people's remarks and opinions
  • Don’t always be active in playing the blame games and victim card. Such blame games involve arguments like the journey of "UPSC is unpredictable". Nobody in this process supports me, whether it is my parents or friends. All these efforts can have a detrimental impact on your life and preparation and are utterly pointless. 
  • Another habit is fighting against adversity. Despite times when nothing seems to be going right, make it a point to study for a while. It's possible that you're ill, or experiencing other things. During those days, remind yourself to study for 30 minutes. This will help you to have a consistent grip over your studies. Try to maintain a journal and record every day you defied your natural inclination to study. With time, this will give you a tonne of confidence.
  • Quit making up preparations in your head. You will be the one who genuinely knows if you are doing it correctly or not more than anybody else. Pay attention to the inner guidance that comes from the inside. We never pay attention to this internal voice in a daily hurry. Rely on your emotions. Try to be faithful, not necessarily with others but most importantly, with yourself.