How to make a strategy or a road map for the UPSC 2023?

To prepare for the UPSC 2023, the road map is simple. As the syllabus of the civil services examination is so wide, an early preparational strategy should be planned by an aspirant to perform well during the examination. There are some of the aspects that a candidate should take into consideration while preparing all the required strategies:

  • A candidate should be well aware of the syllabus as well as the demand of the UPSC CSE. Use the syllabus and the previous year question papers as your guide through this journey.
  • Because the course material is so extensive, it is suggested that the "spaced repetition" of everything you read prevents forgetting.
  • Preliminary and the Mains examination question papers from the previous year should be reviewed to determine the type of questions to be expected during the examination.
  • Since there is less than a year left for the UPSC 2023, start reading the Hindu Daily newspaper to focus more on the current affairs section. For instance, consider a Madhya Pradesh minister who leaves his party and joins the opposition before elections. You need to consider why this "defection" has come to be accepted in today's political climate. The party name, person's name, and other specifics aren't things you need to pay attention to.
  • Begin reading the NCERTS as well. Indeed, they are the most useful resources. They are the direct sources of the government that can be considered the relevant source. For more information on the sources, you may check interviews with some top performers on YouTube. Don't undervalue the importance of NCERTS; build your foundation first.
  • Once finished reading the NCERTS, switch to the standard books and enroll in a GS program to receive guidance from experts.
  • Examine the syllabuses of the several optional topics, and then pick the one that you think would work best for you in addition to everything discussed above. It may be your graduating subject or another area of interest. However, optional is a significant factor in determining your final UPSC score. It can take you three to five months to prepare an optional subject.
  • Start doing the answer writing practice and finishing up the mock test papers as well. They are considered the most useful resources for an aspiring candidate throughout the preparation process. Along with this, there are several videos on Youtube related to Mock interviews that can surely help you with the preparations for the interview process. 
  • Last but not the least, the journey of the UPSC is indeed a very tough road related to which each aspirant follows a different path and uses different strategies. However, several elements of UPSC preparation are fundamental in manner. 
  • Try to stay calm in any possible situation. Success is a game of luck along with hard work as well. 
  • It is recommended to allocate every possible time to certain planned activities, and try to stick to your preparation strategy. Listening to many people can often lead to losing your mind somewhere during the preparation journey.
  • In addition, to succeed in the arduous process of passing the UPSC examinations, you must, nevertheless, heed the simple, straightforward advice that is both easy to implement and the most successful advice.