How to Prepare UPSC Urdu Language Paper 2022

Tips to Prepare for the UPSC Urdu language papers 2022 - IAS Mains:-

  • Mark your upcoming Exam date on the calendar
  • Thoroughly, look and go through your UPSC Civil Services Exam syllabus
  • Now your expertise and Choose the best Reference books 
  • Prepare a study plan
  • Make pointers
  • Work on timeline and deadlines
  • Prepare your notes for preparation
  • Practice previous years of question papers
  • Regularly give mock Test Papers.  

The UPSC examination is the toughest exam in the country, as we already know. And, preparations are mandatory for any examinations. The UPSC exam is conducted once a year. So, candidates must be focused on doing hard work for the exam. 

A Few tips are given below for the UPSC Aspirants to write the exam for the are given below, which they should follow. Each UPSC mains Urdu paper consists of 250 Marks. And the time duration for each Urdu language mains paper is for 3 hours.

1. Mark your upcoming Exam date on the calendar

2. Thoroughly go through UPSC Civil Services Exam syllabus 

    Getting well acquainted with the syllabus is a mandatory thing to do before starting the study plan 

3Choose the best Reference books  

The list of books for Urdu literature optional for Paper-I & Paper-II is given below:

  • Ansaf-e-SuKhan Aur Sher Haiyyaten – Shamian Ahmed
  • Mokqadwa; Tarikh-e-Zuban-e-Urdu – Prof. Maswood Husain Khan
  • Urdu Adab Ki Tarikh – Noorul Hasan Naqvi
  • Urdu Shairi ka Tanqeedi Mutala – Sumbul Nigaar
  • Urdu ki Lisani Tashkil – Mirza Khalil Ahmad Beg
  • Urdu Nasr ka Tanquidi Mutala – Sumbul Nigaar

4. Prepare a study plan 

Pre-planning for anything is important, and if we talk about the UPSC Mains exam. We can’t ignore this part. for better results planning before implementation is mandatory. 

  • Make a monthly, weekly, and daily plan to schedule your study time including your other activities plan too.
  • Make a list of your weak parts. 
  • Set the time for your Urdu language paper preparation.

5. Practice previous years of UPSC Mains exam question papers for the Urdu Language paper. Practice regularly the previous year of the question paper in the Urdu language. With the best reference book which is already provided.  

6. Previous year UPSC IAS Mains question paper of Urdu Language given below 

Urdu Literature Question paper 2021 - 

Paper 1 - 

Paper 2 - 

Urdu Literature Question paper 2020 - 

Paper 1 - 

Paper 2 - 

Preparation time candidate needed to manage Urdu  Language paper

4 to 5 months is enough for the candidate if they have studied Urdu for 10 to 13 hours per week. Else it also depends on their recalling capacity of what they learned in their graduation. 

Here, we are sharing the unique strategies for Urdu language learning, which help you to score well in UPSC IAS Mains Exam: 

  • thorough knowledge of the syllabus of the Urdu language is a must for the Aspirants. 
  • Clear the basic concept of the Urdu language to handle paper 2 
  • Every language demands good writing skills, so don’t forget to work on it to write your question paper properly in a particular language.  
  • Attempt the essay question at last with at least 40 minutes to spare. Write it in a simple and effective language. Write the essay after winding up the other sections. so, candidates write and elaborate the essay accordingly, without wasting time. 
  • Reading habits of newspapers of the Urdu language for at least 15-20 minutes every day improves writing skills and candidates also become aware of the recent and modern writing patterns of their language.  
  • The important part of Preparing for the Urdu language paper for the UPSC Exam is solving the previous year’s question paper.  

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