Which degree is best for the IAS exam 2022


Those aspirants who think to appear for the UPSC Examination during school days are at an early advantage as they can change, they can strategize well, plan in advance and be flexible in their planning, during school days and after that. Taking the right subject during graduation can help you in your UPSC CSE Preparation.

It can narrow down your choices to excel in the UPSC Examination. So, in this article, we will see what subject you can choose for your graduation which will make your UPSC Journey easy.

How to choose a graduation subject for the UPSC Preparation?

You would have heard people saying that Arts or Humanities is the best subject to prepare for the UPSC. No doubt, it will help you in various UPSC papers such as Prelims General Studies Paper 1 and 2 which is almost a humanities paper. If you take the humanities in your graduation then you will already be well-versed with the subjects and hence, will have a better conceptual command. 

Moreover, if you will see the pattern of Mains Examination, then you will find that the humanities subjects are like a booster for your Mains UPSC Preparation in General Studies Paper 1, 2, 3, and Essay Paper. Plus there are many options available for Optional paper that can be taken by a humanities student.

But, think if you take a humanities subject during your graduation but you do not have any interest in it. You find one or another reason to bunk the classes as the subject does not give you enough motivation to study. Then, I do not think you will gain any advantage of selecting a humanities subject during your graduation time.

Now, think about the subject which you like to study, say Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc, and you select the same subject during your graduation. Won't it kick you to study? Won’t it also help you to secure better marks in optional. (Technical subjects can be also quite scoring) 

Yeah, choosing these subjects will not help you directly in the General Studies Papers but, you can gain 500 marks in Optional Subjects by choosing the right subject which you find interesting. Therefore, there is no best subject for the UPSC Civil Service Examination, as such. Some subjects have gained more popularity than others but, that does not mean you should move ahead with the crowd.

Hence, stand out but choose a subject wisely which is interesting and will also help you in the UPSC Preparation.