How should a beginner prepare for NCERTs for UPSC?

A strong foundation is a prerequisite to success in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Building a robust foundation entails acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the major themes of the examination and acquiring the essential skills to translate this knowledge on paper.

To make your IAS dream true, you must have a basic understanding and conceptual clarity in NCERTs, to have a smooth journey in the UPSC CSE preparation. Therefore, comprehensively completing the NCERTs is the first and foremost thing a student should do to excel in the UPSC exam.

But, as a beginner, many questions can emerge in your mind concerning NCERTs:

  • Whether to join a coaching or do self-study for NCERTs?
  • Which NCERT should refer to, an Old or New?
  • Are the state board books important?
  • Are all NCERTS from class 6 to 12 to be given equal importance?
  • How to make notes from NCERTs?

Let's talk about each problem one by one. So, as a beginner, there are two options in front of you to cover the NCERTs: to join a coaching or do self-study.

If you want to take coaching, we at KSG India have developed a very innovative program for you. KSG's NEEV (NCERT For Effective and Early Victory) Program comprehensively completes all the NCERTs in 45 days. The major features of the program are

  • Ideal for beginners to get a headstart in their UPSC journey.
  • Ninety hours of Online Classes, and each session would be 2 hours.
  • After each session, aspirants would be tested to check their understanding of concepts taught in the class through daily objective tests.
  • Students would be given concise notes summarising important topics of NCERT textbooks.
  • Faculty support would be available to students at every stage. A hand-holding approach will be adopted to guide students through every step. Students can contact the faculty 24*7 through call or Whatsapp.
  • Students would be made to memorise essential facts in the class itself.
  • Linkage of concepts with past questions to help students understand the demand of the examination….

Proper guidance is provided with the NEEV Program, which makes your UPSC CSE journey efficient and reduces your burden of preparation. So, you can utilize your energy and time on different aspects of your preparation.

The new NEEV batch starts on 24th January 2022.

But, if you are someone who wants to do self-study forcovering the NCERTs, then follow the given steps:

  • First of all, go through the Syllabus and Previous year's question papers to understand the demand of the UPSC, and you would know what to read and what to leave.
  • Then, make a list of NCERTs you need to cover for your preparation. You can use this list as a guide (
  • Make concise notes or highlight portions in the book to revise later.
  • After reading the NCERTs comprehensively, start linking the NCERTs with the questions asked in the examination.
  • Keep revising your notes again and again to retain the information.