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Since UPSC IAS examination one of the toughest and prestigious examinations all over the world, this requires utmost dedication and smart preparation techniques. Every year thousands of students appear for this examination and the competition is getting bigger day by day. So, it takes a few things to get acquainted with to face this huge competition and to clear the examinations.

Disciplined and smart study plan along with ample relaxation maximize the productivity of the students. Add to that, the disciplined life candidates follow before the examination makes them motivated to stick to the disciplined life after getting the job too.

But, every time a candidate decides to appear for the UPSC examination, they are suggested to undergo the PI quotient test. PI quotient determines a candidate’s candidature through his performance in a personality test. Before stepping into the preparation of one of the toughest examination all the time, getting this PI quotient evaluated may give the candidate a clear mindset about how he or she can cope up with the preparation journey.

The civil servants mostly work for the administrative departments of India. The officers get to work with MP or MLA for the betterment of society. Here are some examples mentioned below:


They head all the central and state government departments and work as people’s representatives.


The central armed police force department is headed by the IPS officers. They mainly take up the responsibility of maintenance of laws and order of the country including cybercrime, juvenile crime, narcotics etc.


The main task of these officers is to make a friendly relationship with other countries worldwide. They mostly represent India on international bodies like the United Nations too.

So, we can see that these three types of officers are the backbones of the civil service of India. But, today we will discuss which states of India produce the maximum numbers of IAS officers. Generally, it has been seen that, since the examination is one of the toughest and candidates get to clear three rounds to achieve the goal, candidates with good academic record and background mostly clear the examination. The given data is as per the record of the year of 2015.

  • Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of IAS officers serving the country and the number is 717
  • Bihar is in the second position having 452 IAS officers in service
  • Rajasthan has 322 IAS officers in service and positions in third
  • Tamil Nadu has 318 IAS officers in service
  • Andhra Pradesh has 314 IAS officers in service
  • Maharashtra has 253 IAS officers in service
  • Punjab has 232 IAS officers in service
  • Delhi has 211 IAS officers in service
  • Hariyana has 190 IAS officers in service
  • Madhyapradesh has 183 IAS officers in service
  • Karnataka has 159 IAS officers in service
  • Kerala has 157 IAS officers in service
  • West Bengal has 134 IAS officers in service
  • Odisha has 119 IAS officers in service
  • Jammu & Kashmir has 67 IAS officers in service
  • Gujrat has 65 IAS officers in service
  • Himachal Pradesh has 64 IAS officers in service
  • Jharkhand has 60 IAS officers in service
  • Chhattishgarh has 44 IAS officers in service
  • Assam has 43 IAS officers in service
  • Manipur has 43 IAS officers in service
  • Uttarakhand has 41 IAS officers in service
  • Chandigarh has 35 IAS officers in service
  • Meghalaya has 27 IAS officers in service
  • Arunachal Pradesh has 26 IAS officers in service

And so on and so forth