How to Prepare for UPSC 2020 from Scratch

What Life Lessons UPSC Teaches You?

In order to clear the UPSC exams, one needs a high level of determination and hard work to achieve their goals. The syllabus of UPSC is so vast that it covers knowledge of almost all the streams. Whether you clear the exam or not that is a different thing but while preparing for the exam, you learn some very important life lessons that help you at multiple instances in your life.

Preparation of UPSC will not just give you the desired post in the administration of the Indian Government but also teaches you some invaluable lifelong lessons that help you to groom you overall. Some of such lessons are -

Never Give Up

One of the basic duties mentioned in Article 51 (a) in the Indian Constitution is -

“To make a continuous effort to move towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activities, so that the nation touches new heights of ever-increasing effort and achievement.” That is, there is no doubt that every person should keep trying to move towards betterment in their personal and public life and should leave no stone unturned to achieve excellence in life.

We also constantly see in our surroundings that every person tries to touch the height with as little effort as possible. The desire for betterment is natural which helps in leading the life towards meaningfulness.

While preparing for the UPSC exams, students learn to firmly achieve their goals no matter what. The spirit of never giving up on things will not only aid them in cracking the UPSC but also motivate them in other spells of life.

Gains Knowledge in Multiple Areas.

Cracking UPSC exams is all about the figures. Some scores more numbers while some scores less but there is no doubt that all the aspirants go through the in-depth knowledge of multiple areas and subjects like History, Geography, Economics, Zoology, Psychology, languages, and much more. Time invested in gaining knowledge will always pay you the highest and never-ending returns.

Students who are not selected will not stand with empty hands. They gain immense knowledge and develop logical reasoning ability. This is quite useful in different areas of life. As you know knowledge is the timeless asset you can ever have.


Yes!, every Indian is patriotic but you might be confused about how UPSC imparts the feeling of patriotism in you. While preparing for the UPSC exams, you must read about our country, its resources, world heritage in India, international achievements by India, and so on. This develops a feeling of respect and pride in every UPSC aspirant that they belong to such a noble country. The patriotic sentiments get alive and push us to become the better and responsible citizens of the country. Also, the vision of becoming an IAS and IPS officer made is to live the role of a patriotic officer just like in our patriotic Bollywood movies. This fills our souls with the passion to serve our country even at the cost of our lives.


While preparing for UPSC exams, aspirants follow a strict schedule for studies. They inculcate the habit of doing things on time and do everything in a perfect way.

Discipline is important in every sphere of life. Discipline leads to the development of patience and understanding, the ability to make the right decisions on time. This leads to the development of work capacity and the power of leadership in the person is awakened. Self-confidence arises from discipline and practice. Discipline plays the most important role in building our character and personality. Discipline is the key to success. Discipline has an important role in all functions everywhere in the home, family, society, village, city, state and nation.

Develops a Positive Attitude Towards Life.

Since you know that UPSC exams are the toughest and are very difficult for an individual to get the breakthrough in the very first attempt. However, nothing is impossible! There are examples set by many of the successful UPSC aspirants who did it in the first attempt. But the ratio of such candidates is a bit less.

Students who fail in the first attempt do not quit but double up their efforts and hard work to get it clear in the next attempt. This positive attitude built during the preparation of IAS exams is sustained by their lifelong

To get success today, it is very important to have positive thinking within yourself. Positive Attitude can bring any person easily to the peak of his success in life.


Knowledge and hard work never go in vain. Even if you do not crack the UPSC exams, the lessons you learn whilst the preparation of India's toughest exam helps you to achieve success in whatever you do. At times of hardships, these lessons will motivate you and stay positive in life.