How To Prepare UPSC Management Optional Subject 2020

How To Prepare UPSC Management Optional Subject 2020

Since the notification of UPSC 2020 was released, every UPSC aspirants are preparing themselves to initiate a good start for a smart study plan. The aspirants must have gone through the syllabus and you might notice that there is an optional subject segment that requires to be chosen by you. There are many optional subjects and management is one of them. Very fewer students go for this option and hence not much attention is given to the discussion of this subject.  So, here are some suggestions to make it easier for the students to achieve their goal of clearing one of the toughest examinations all the time while having management as their optional one.

So, here is some UPSC management optional subject 2020 tips to make your journey smoother.

1) What is UPSC Management optional paper?

The UPSC management optional paper consists of two papers, namely paper I and paper II.

  • Paper I- this paper covers all the area of-

  1. managerial functions and process
  2. OB and design
  3. HRM
  4. accounting for managers
  5. financial management
  6. Marketing management
  • Paper-II- this paper is all about-

  1. quantitative techniques in decision making
  2. operations management
  3. MIS
  4. government-business interface
  5. strategic management
  6. International business.

So, the first tip to cope up with the UPSC management optional paper is to go through the syllabus sincerely and to know every bit of it.

2) Go for the best reference book and study material:

The best preparation starts when you have the right kind of books with you to guide. There are multiple books available in the market but only go for the most well-known ones and the most recommended ones by experts. There are multiple educational apps too to reroute your journey towards your desperately sought dream of clearing UPSC examination. You can subscribe them to learn and to do your best in the examination.

Here are some all-time bestsellers' as mentioned below:

  • HRM by Ashwathappa, Prasad
  • Organizational Behavior by Robbins, Luthans
  • Marketing by Kotler, Saxena
  • Strategic Management by Michael Porter
  • Operations by Adams, Taha, David Collier
  • MIS by Loudon and Loudon
  • Finance by Ross, Westerfield, and Jaffe; Khan & Jain
  • Quantitative techniques by Levin & Rubin
  • Management by Koontz and Koontz, Drucker

3) Plan a smart study technique:

As we all know, UPSC is one of the toughest examinations, it requires hard work as well as a smart study plan technique. A disciplined yet relaxing daily life routine can take you towards your destination. Make a time table that is suitable for you allotting time for study as well as relaxation and most importantly stick to it until and unless you achieve your goal. Try to allot at least 8-9 hours for studies daily.

4) Preparation of UPSC Management Important Topics

As we discussed before, this management optional consists of two papers off which, paper one is theoretical and paper two is application based.

Since the marks of optional papers are very crucial to elevate your ranking, utmost and intense concentration is required here while you are preparing from them. The important topic from each paper should be covered well. Try to practice the answer writing in a constrained time frame; it would do unbelievable favour while writing in the exam hall.

Final tip:

Once you are done with reading study material or book, download the previous year’s question papers of UPSC and try to solve them as much you can. Do not forget to get them evaluated by an experienced expert. If you want to improve your skill, rewrite them too correcting the previous mistakes.