What are the Facilities Given to an IAS Officer

The UPSC aspirants decide to pursue the dream of becoming IAS officers so that they can serve the nation as well as they can enjoy a prestigious designation along with attractive salary and facilities. Since you are gearing up for one of the toughest examinations of India, here is a complete discussion to let you know how much beneficial it would be becoming an IAS officer for you because you will get to enjoy the facilities mentioned below:

IAS Officer salary :

  1. The new 7th central pay commission has announced the basic pay of IAS officers is Rs. 56,100/-
  2. The union cabinet secretary, being the topmost rank holder of all the IAS designations, receives a monthly payment of Rs. 250000/-
  3. There are 18 levels in between and the payment also varies as per the designation. 

The IAS officers not only enjoy a good amount of salary but also ample facilities that a private firm professional also cannot dream of. The facilities include:

  • The IAS officers can enjoy government accommodation with a subsidy facility. To be very specific, the officers working at the district level get the opportunity to stay at the best houses with ample amenities and no other services in India provide this facility.
  • Reimbursement of mobile, telephone and internet charges are provided for the lifetime
  • Considering the situation and if it demands, household assistance including cooks, gardeners, etc are provided and no charge is taken for that.
  • No money is charged while the IAS officers are on-duty for staying in government hotels or bungalows
  • Government transport facilities at free of cost for all the state and district level officers
  • Monthly pension facility after the retirement and that is also a huge amount
  • Generally, the water, electricity, and gas charges are free and if not, all of the charges are highly subsidized.
  • High-level security is provided for the IAS officers and their family too. Due to the dangerous nature of the job, they might face life threats, and under these circumstances, STF commandoes security is provided
  • The IAS officers who already have completed seven years of service life serving the country, they get the facility for study leaves for two-three years if they want to pursue and particular course. If they want to get admitted to foreign universities, they would not require paying a penny because the government would sponsor it. There are particular rules and regulations too that an IAS officer has to agree with, otherwise, he or she would not get the opportunity.
  • Enviable job security is one of the most desirable facilities that this job has. There is no chance of firing an IAS officer and if there is any chance, it is a very complicated process that consists of lots of investigations and inquiries that ultimately end up in an unfruitful result.
  • Since the candidates who join IAS are most talented and all-rounder in terms of execution of different tasks, any private company would hire them even after their retirement paying lump sum amount money.

So, the above discussion must have already hiked your enthusiasm for clearing the IAS examination because once you clear it, all the above-mentioned facilities would be yours! So, keep on studying and do your best.