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Developing Answer Writing Practice for UPSC Mains Exam

After clearing the preliminary examinations, the UPSC candidates get their call for appearing for the UPSC examinations. Here the candidates get to choose optional papers and the performance is evaluated on more or less nine papers. The candidates get to write descriptive answers here and there begin the tough competition. Every aspirant gets to read more or less the same study material, so there must be some unique characteristics in the writing that would make one writing out-of-the-box from the pile. The main characteristics that make writing the most unique one include:

  • Brief and precise

  • Neat 

  • Systematic

  • Error-free

  • Aesthetic

  • Shows your erudition

So, if you want to achieve these characteristics in your writing to score good marks, there are some rules to practice the answer writing as described below: 

  • If you want to write a flawless answer, you have to read more. Whenever you are reading a piece of content related to your syllabus, be it from newspaper or books or magazine; do pay attention to the core of the content so that you can include the exceptional thoughts and insights in your reading. So, read more to enrich your knowledge to write more. 
  • Before you start your writing, outline the piece of content ready. The structure should include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • The answers are generally asked to be written down within a specific word count. But do not blabber unnecessary things on not related things to achieve the word count. The quality is always more appreciated than quantity, so better to focus on the standard of the piece of writing.
  • Always try to avoid mentioning the generalizations in your content. Rather writing down the materials that can be substantiated is encouraged. 
  • Always keep in mind that while you are answering, do not mention any stuff that not real or self-invented. The answer should be written in own words but curtailing creativity in the writing is not appreciated. 
  • The candidates are very much prone to grammatical mistakes. So, brush up your grammar skills regularly to minimize such mistakes, otherwise, it would leave a bad impression.
  • Including different quotes in writing is very trendy. But I would suggest that if it is uncannily related to the writing, only then use it. Mentioning metaphors and similes can be justified. But it is always better to mention such things to show your erudition in English optional paper that has literature in it. 
  • Repeated practice of writing and get them evaluated by experts whom you can count on should be maintained regularly. Practice makes any skill perfect and since writing is also an acquired skill, it demands lots of practice. After finding out the mistakes, rewrite them and stick to the process until and unless it is flawless. 

Answering descriptive ones in the mains papers with flawless writing is very crucial since the more your score, the more uplifted your rank will be. So, try to solve previous years’ question papers with utmost dedication to reach your goal.