Tips To Prepare UPSC Statistics Optional Subject 2020

Tips To Prepare UPSC Statistics Optional Subject 2020

As per the latest update, the UPSC IAS 2020 application process is all set to be commenced from February 2020. So, it’s time to buckle up your shows and start preparing for the UPSC IAS exam. However, most of the candidates are confused enough and seeking for help on how to prepare UPSC Statistics Optional Subject 2020. If you feel the same, then don’t panic, as here we have mentioned the useful tips that will surely help you to prepare well for UPSC Statistics Optional Subject 2020. Keep on reading these tips. 

UPSC Statistics Optional Subject 2020: How to Prepare 

UPSC Mains Statistics optional subject is a part of mathematics managing the assortment, investigation, translation, introduction, and association of information. In applying statistics to, e.g., a logical, modern, or social issue, it is ordinary, regardless, a measurable populace or a factual model procedure to be examined. Populaces can be different points, for example, "all individuals living in a nation". Statistics manage all parts of information remembering the arranging of information assortment for terms of the plan of overviews and analyses. With the correct methodology, it is conceivable to clear this test in the main endeavor however don't get discouraged if you fizzle.

Why Choose Statistics Optional Over Other Options?

Statistics are doubtlessly a nice subject to pick as an optional subject for the UPSC IAS mains test, be that as it may, it will depend on wannabe's advantage. The prospectus of statistics for the UPSC IAS Mains test incorporates fluctuated components. The competitors need to do escalated rehearsing and wide perusing for setting up this paper. You to need to perform exceptionally well in your favored optional paper.

UPSC Preparation Tips That You Need to Follow 

UPSC Aspirants ought to follow test tips to compose the test. Planning tips are required for any test. UPSC test ought to be directed once inconsistently. Arranging and difficult work is imperative to confront any aggressive test. The following are a portion of the tips for arrangement.

#1 Knows the Pros and Cons of the Subject

Likewise, with some other optional, the statistics optional additionally has a lot of focal points and disadvantages related to the mains test. To settle on an optional, you should examine the pros and cons of the subject you are thinking about, and afterward evaluate your qualities and shortcomings and investigate for yourself. Try not to pick an optional because your companions are doing it, or because some topper proposed it. Toward the day's end, you are taking the test, and you should read the subject for quite a long time. Along these lines, the choice can at last just be yours.

Statistics Optional Pros 2020 

  • Statistics is a scoring optional since it is a part of mathematics. 
  • You will confront almost no challenge in this optional subject. 
  • If you are alright with the subject and get ready well, you ought to have the option to score well since there is no subjectivity in this subject. 
  • The prospectus for statistics for the optional is very static. 
  • A few ideas in statistics are significant for each field of study, be it topography, financial aspects, science, humanism, humanities, and so on. You can utilize such data in your GS answers also. 
  • You can likewise take the Indian Statistical Service test on the off chance that you are keen on it. 

Statistics Optional Cons 2020

  • There is no UPSC-custom fitted investigation material accessible for this optional. You should experience the earlier years' IAS question papers and the prospectus, and see with your own eyes which are the most significant and rehashed subjects. You will, for the most part, need to depend on your graduation course readings. 
  • You will think that it’s troublesome (practically difficult) to get a decent test arrangement for statistics. 
  • There is nearly nil cover with the general investigations papers. 
  • You should take part in self-study as training is quite difficult to find for statistics optional.

#2 Understand the Statistics Syllabus for UPSC 

One should keep in mind that two optional papers are coming under the UPSC Statistics exam. Both the exams have 250 marks in total that makes it 500 marks optional subject. So, it is important to understand all these terms and then start planning your preparation and to cover all the high-scoring topics for better results. 

#3 Go for Best Optional Books 

Select the following best books to score best marks in the exam:

  • An Introduction to Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics by V K Rohtagi
  • Basics of Applied Statistics – S C Gupta and V K Kapoor 
  • Basics of Statistics (2 Vol.) – A M Goon, M K Gupta, and B Dass Gupta 
  • Early on Probability and Statistical Applications – Paul Meyer 
  • Basics of Mathematical Statistics – A C Gupta and V K Kapoor 
  • Examining Theory of Surveys with applications – P V Sukhatme and B V Sukhatme
  • Examining Techniques – William G. Cochran

#4 Prepare the Most Important Topics First

Few of the most important topics for UPSC Statistics Optional 2020 are:

  • Statistical Inference
  • Demography and Psychometry
  • Probability
  • Sampling Theory and Design of Experiments
  • Linear Inference and Multivariate Analysis
  • Optimization Techniques
  • Industrial Statistics
  • Quantitative Economics and Official Statistics

As you most likely are aware of the characteristics of the optional paper are urgent to choosing your positioning in the last show, you do need to perform especially well in your preferred paper. Since the remainder of the papers is necessary for all, it's solitary the optional paper that can represent the deciding moment of your fortune. So don't attempt to do specific perusing and bet, as there is just a single optional paper now.