Ultimate Tips That Takes You at the Top of the IAS Toppers List

Ultimate Tips That Takes You at the Top of the IAS Toppers List

IAS exam is difficult, but it is easy to achieve success if you have the courage and hard work. It is important for success to never give up hope and to work 100 %. When a person clears an IAS exam, he or she becomes an ideal personality for the rest of society because they definitely carry some exceptional qualities that made them reach such a prestigious position.

It is the myth that only toppers can become IAS, even an average student can clear the IAS exams with flying colors and score All India Rank (AIR). Studying long hours and taking coaching classes are the common things that everyone does but there are some unique qualities that make an IAS topper from other successful candidates.

Ultimate Tips To Become an IAS Topper?

For all the IAS aspirants who want to bring some change in the administrative structure of our country or like to secure their career, here are some tips that help you to score the highest marks in the exam along with some qualities of IAS toppers.

Do Smart Work

There is no doubt that those who clear IAS exams do a lot of hard work and try to give their 100% effort to crack the exam but that’s not enough. Sometimes you need to make use of accelerators to reach the top floor. The same is the case here. Hard work is like stairs that take time and double efforts while the same thing you can do with the help of a lift. What we want to say is put in your smart work.

Rather than preparing each and every topic, analyze the past UPSC exam pattern and sort out the topics that are frequently asked. Give them a priority. Prepare the subjects according to the Blueprint. Clear your understanding of the paper pattern and decide the scope of the syllabus covered.

Time Management

Probably you have discussed this topic so many times before but yet the majority of the candidates lack time management. There are hundreds of things to keep in mind regarding time management. An IAS aspirant has to manage time both while studies and at the time of giving the examination. Time management helps in reducing exam pressure and you would be able to give proper time to each and every question. This escapes you from writing unnecessary stuff in questions that carries lesser marks.

Prepare Your Notes Yourself

Notes are important but it is even more important that you do it yourself. When you prepare your notes yourself, it helps you in retaining things longer. There are a lot of study techniques that you can follow like Mind Maps, Flash Cards, Flow Charts, Venn Diagrams, Graphs, etc. This makes the subject interesting and increases the retention level as well.

Regularly Revise Your Syllabus

According to Psychologists, people tend to forget things as soon as they learn them. That’s how the human brain works and you can’t help it. Yes, but there is a way to sustain knowledge and that is regular revision. You can make proper planning for revision as well. Ideally, on average, a topic should be revised every month to keep it refreshed in your mind.

Count on Authentic Sources of Information

One of the common things among the IAS toppers is that they all rely on authentic sources. They prefer NCERT textbooks and books from well-renowned authors. The best is to trust the government sources or the UPSC website. Plus, a study from the limited books helps because when you know a lot something, it is, therefore, difficult to summarize it in fewer words. This then disturbs your time management also.

Habit of Reading Newspapers

In the world of the internet and YouTube, people are less tend to read newspapers and magazines. IAS toppers have suggested that reading newspapers is a good habit that provides you a lot of information that might be missing on YouTube and the internet. The subject of Current affairs and General Knowledge is very vast and so, it requires to be prepared from varied sources.

Practice Writing

This is the digital world and most of us habitual of typing rather than writing. This is good if you’re a professional but UPSC exams are subjective in nature and test your writing skills as well. So, it is very important that you should also focus on writing and improving the handwriting also if it not so good. You must have heard, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Sometimes you have knowledge but due to poor handwriting or lack of writing practice takes you a step back.

What Qualities an IAS Topper Should Have?

  • Determination & Positive Mind.
  • Ability to apply what you have learned.
  • Keeping Confidence
  • Time Management
  • Discipline

Will Power