Is Exam Stress Killing You? Get Expert Consultation Now!

Is Exam Stress Killing You? Get Expert Consultation Now!

In India, we live in a societal arrangement where your success is only measured and accepted if you are academically successful. And exam times are a highly stressed time of all which leads aspirants to depression. Any exam like IITs, IIMs, AIIMs, UPSC etc. may turn into a stressful exam if aspirants do not have proper support mechanisms.

It becomes the responsibility of parents, relatives, coaching institutes, friends to create a support system for the candidate and make him/her believe that not to relate the success of life with the success of the particular exam. The building of unnecessary pressure can affect the aspirants so much that aspirants can take their lives as not able to handle so much stress and setback.

The cases of depression are increasing every year and we frequently hear news of youth taking their lives because of failure, frustration and not able to take the setback due to any reason.

It is exhausting to go for various attempts in the UPSC exam and aspirants may feel exhausted and depressed. With every unsuccessful attempt, the depression may increase and aspirant loses self-esteem thinking themselves as a loser in spite of being a bright student and dedicated aspirant.

Most often exams are treated as a threat because of potential harm or loss related to it. Candidate relates it to their self-worth, identity, commitments, goals, and dreams. It seems that the whole of life is at stake. 

Ways to make stress work for you:

  1. Redefine the meaning of the event:

     Instead of edging the IAS exam as a threat, try to take it as a challenge. It may be seen the reason that you feel that your whole future, identity and worth appearing is at stake. But it is not true. This exam is a prestigious exam indeed and is a door to your bright future. Try to your core to make it but don’t take it as an end to your bright future. There will always be options and opportunities. There are so many examples like Vera Wang who failed to get into the Olympic ice-skating team and later became a famous dress designer.
  2. Be realistic: 

    Before making any statement for yourself aspirants should know the reality properly. You can understand it as there are only 180 vacancies for IAS every year. And all the services like IAS, IFS, IRS, etc. combined there are only less than 1000 vacancies every year. And for that 180 vacancies number of applicants is more than 10,00,000(10 lakh), how can everyone get into IAS, how can anyone say rest 9,99,820 are losers or less brilliant.
  3. Rejections are Redirections:

     Rejections can lead you to a new direction in life. Just realize that this is not the road in your life’s journey. Not getting selected in IAS is not worse it is sometimes maybe the best thing that has happened to you, take a different road, strive for bigger things in life. You can still be great or do great things in life even if not selected into IAS.
  4. Life beyond exams: 

    While dealing with the pressure of exams, aspirants fail to realize that there is life beyond exams. It is foolish to equate success in life with success in exams. There are many examples that top rankers in exam failed miserably in real life, and many examples who failed in exams, yet quite successful in life.

Follow your passion!

Good Luck!!