how Spirituality Helps Anju Sharma To Scale Success In IAS

Check Out how Spirituality Helps Anju Sharma To Scale Success In IAS

“Behind every successful woman is the woman herself” Anju Sharma IAS by profession, mother of two teenagers and writer by passion is a true example of it.

A woman plays many roles and shoulders many responsibilities and it is the woman who can do it with ease and dedication. Anju Sharma principal secretary of Higher Education, is a true inspiration for all the women aspirants. Anju Sharma, is a thorough professional at work, mother of teenagers at home, and also an author who writes from her heart. She joined the services at the age of 22, becoming the youngest IAS officer in the state. She is known for her efforts for improving the quality of education in Gujarat. Her coworkers and subordinates know her as a sharp, hardworking and disciplined officer.

With one book published to her credit and second book on prep she is perusing her love for writing between all the businesses. With 27 years of successful career, she is a true inspiration for all the aspirants and for those who may sometimes feel stressed and depressed managing between personal and professional life.

Closer look at her life:

Her father always had a strong influence and motivated her to become an IAS officer. This Rajasthani girl focused on her goal and cleared CSE in her first attempt. She started her career as Assistant Collector, Rajkot in 1991.She has taken up multiple projects and worked in various capacities as DDO Baroda, District Collector Gandhinagar and also in Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Government of India, NRHM to name a few. Abhayam 181 in 2014 was launched under her guidance in Gujarat. This helpline no was launched for women in distress across Gujarat. This helpline not only provided counselling but had a team of policewoman to provide help when a woman needs it. Another successful project was Khilkhilahat-an ambulance service for expecting mothers which helped women get to the hospital and drop the mother and new born back home. She has also worked for girl education, student start up and innovation policy. Women safety has been her prime concern. Juggling between different roles work commitments has always been her first priority.

Spirituality Simplified: 

Writing was always her passion and according to her it always will be. First book she wrote was I of the Storm: Discover Your True Self. It was a hit and was themed on emerging stronger with every setback. Her second book Corporate Monk talks about spiritual intelligence. Spirituality is always associated with religion and which becomes complex. But if it is connected with intelligence then it becomes easy for everyone. Anju Sharma in her book has tried to simplify the spirituality. In today’s world everyone seems to be unhappy in spite of being successful. We all are losing happiness in relations, friends and loved ones. In this era of Artificial Intelligence, we should not forget that there is human element in everything. The title of the book was first named as “Seven Bridges of Spiritual Intelligence” which was later changed to Corporate Monk where monk indicates spirituality and corporate is about professionalism. Anju points out that stress is unavoidable and you have to deal with it by remaining detached and practicing meditation. You can never be perfect and complete. Every day you may face a new challenge. Keep moving and balance your life. Fear is the biggest enemy of happiness. Managing various tasks all at once remains the biggest challenge for an IAS officer. Balancing family, work, meeting deadlines are some challenges that come up often. Always look for the brighter side and work patiently with your colleagues and family members. Anju’s message to all the women who are trying to find out a balance in life with work and home “Believe in yourself and believe there is nothing you cannot do. The sky is the limit, just go for it”. 

Let’s hear it out in her words, “When I looked at my own life, I realized things had to be simplified. There is a lot of spiritual literature available but that also needs simplification. I realized that if you connect to spirituality when approached through religious texts, it could be difficult to understand. But if it is simplified as spiritual intelligence, then it becomes very easy. All you have to do is apply the knowledge to your life and it makes everything very simple.”