Civil Services Examination preparation is a long journey – how to make it meaningful

Civil Services Examination preparation is a long journey – how to make it meaningful

Civil Service examination is indeed one of most prestigious competitive exam in INDIA conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) for recruitment of various civil services post in Government of India which includes Indian Administrative Services, Indian Foreign Services, Indian Police Services along with many other services. This examination is conducted by UPSC in three phases –

  1. Preliminary exam
  2. Mains exam

Preliminary exam

Exam time – May/June

Exam result – approximately in August/Sept of that year

Exam type – Two objective type papers (General Studies paper -1 and General studies paper -2) 

Mains exam

Exam time – October/November of every year

Exam result – approximately in January of next year

Exam type – Nine papers of conventional type

Main exam is followed by Personality test (interview) which is generally held in March and results are announced by May.

Civil Service exam preparation is one of long journey covered by any civil service aspirant or candidate. Approximately 9,00,000 to 10,00,000 candidates apply every year and 5,50,000 candidates participate in the preliminary examination. Final selection happens for only 750-1200 candidates out of this.

  • Looking at this number, we are pretty much sure that selected candidate has a very tough nut to crack.
  • If you consider the time span of applying for the exam and taking part in every exam till final selection which is itself 1, 2-year journey. We didn’t consider the time when you started preparing for the exam which may be different for every candidate but we all know that it would be very long journey full of hard work and sheer determination.

So, how to make this long journey meaningful? There are many ways to do so but consider following processes which have been devised after much thought and research –

Sometime journey is more important than destination though not in all cases but we have to make sure that whenever we are taking any journey whether we reach at destination or not, after venturing out of that path or journey we should be better and more knowledgeable as a human being compared to when we started that journey.

Eat right: 

Eat when you are hungry, never eat too much, stop as soon as your inner voice says it’s enough. Less sugar, more amount of protein and carbohydrate, more fruits, drink lot of water.

Remember the fact that your mind which will help you to crack the examination sits inside your body so you should provide proper supply to it keep healthy.


30-45 minutes of daily exercise is must, it will supply proper oxygen to your mind and will keep it fresh mind. If you are not exercise material, then 30-40 minutes of running or brisk walking can work wonder.

Bottom line is to keep your mind fresh with oxygen supply because fresh mind can do wonders for you.

Sleep well:

Do not kill yourself by depriving your body with adequate sleep. Every person should take at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep, it will rejuvenate your mind and body both on daily basis.

Note that you still have enough time to study and succeed in a day!!

Study with Strategy:

There should be some strategy which should be the driving force of your study. Strategies you study, create a study plan, invest some time on the strategy and plan think harder and once finalized, stick to that plan. You should have daily and weekly target that you need to close these chapters in a day or week. Strikeout that chapter or topic once completed.

  • Study plan
  • Study Strategy
  • Daily/weekly Target
  • Take a regular break between your studies
  • Drink water
  • Spare 1 hour daily for time pass (watching TV series, Chit chat with friends)

Without plan and strategy no one can become successful or you won’t be able to realize your goals without these.

If you implement all these things in your daily routine or make it a practice or make it part of your life, then nothing can stop you to crack the exam. Even if you are not able to crack or get the wished rank, you would be much better person than earlier and will be successful in anything you want to pursue in your life.

As said earlier “Sometime it is not destination, it is the journey you enjoy most”, you must follow it.