Stress-Busting Tips

Top 6 Stress-Busting Tips From Best IAS Academy In Delhi!

“Indian Administrative Service – A Platform of Opportunities” – Haven’t you heard about this tagline from your parents, friends, seniors, and teachers. I am sure you must be and some of you might start your preparations for the IAS Civil Services exam right after 12th boards. But do you know the syllabus and eligibility criteria to appear and crack the exam?Preparing for the IAS exam is not an easy task, as the syllabus is so vast and you have to complete several topics with the sheer amount of dedication and discipline for the long, arduous months of preparation. Anyone who is preparing for the exam tells you it is no walk in the park, as the IAS preparations put a lot of pressure on the candidates. As a result, aspirants do find mental pressure to crack the exam.

In this article, we provide you with certain tips and ways to keep stress out of your Indian Civil Services exam preparations and help you in managing your exam stress properly.

6 Stress-Busting Tips From Best IAS Academy In Delhi!

Follow this regime for better results:

#1 Do Regular Exercise

Sometimes, IAS preparations will make a cumbersome task to complete. Well, in that case, introduce some hours for physical activity would be great for the candidates. It is advised to always keep your body fit and active with an exercise regimen to build more energy into your daily routine. It could be an aerobics class or a treadmill run. A walk in the park could do the trick just as well! Yoga and meditation session also helpsto relax the body and the mind and improves your alertness and potential.

#2 Take Healthy Meal

Make sure to intake regular and balanced meals for all-day energy. You need both mental and physical strength for the entire duration of your IAS preparation.So, a balanced diet will support your IAS preparation period and helps you to keep your stress levels away. More than this, a healthy diet can also solve serious digestive issues and keep yourself physically fit and healthy.

#3 Take Sufficient Sleep

Sleep is the time of replenishment and rejuvenation for your body and mind, so never skimp on it. Many aspirants have a take on it that UPSC preparations requirea less sleeping pattern. Well, in that case, you need to understand your body and mind needs. Always make sure to get at least 6 to 7 hours of uninterrupted and restful sleep every day.Sleeping is not a waste of time when you do it at the right time you will get the best results during your preparations period.

#4 Avoid Talking Too Much Coffee

Quite often we find IAS aspirants using the external stimulants such as coffee or tea to handle stress and keep stress away. But these stimulants come with a heavy price on your health and put it into danger. It might range from a harmless addiction to coffee or tea to a smoking or drinking habit. Remember the IAS preparation is only the start of your journey in the Indian Civil Services, so do not ruin your health in the very first stage itself.

#5 Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle

The journey of IAS preparation is definitely time-consuming and difficult. Just because you are preparing for the Civil Services, doesn’t mean you do not get to have a life. In this phase, you need to develop a balance between personal life and career goals. Be it dancing or writing take this initiative and maintain a balanced lifestyle to score well in the exam.  

#6 Avoid Daytime Naps

If you have a sleeping habit during the day time, your night-time sleep is completely affected, which in turn, negatively impacts your energy levels for the following day. So, it is recommended to the aspirants, always avoid daytime sleep as it will also break your study-flow.

Tips to avoid sleeping:

  • Sit up straight and start studying
  • Don’t lie down on a bed and study
  • Don’t sit on your bed during study timeas it will send the signal to the brain that sleep time is at hand.
  • When you feel your eyelids drooping start reading loudly
  • Always take down notes while reading
  • Watch videos for a change
  • In case you feel bored, switch subjects or topics
  • Set your break intervals
  • Make sure to change your sitting positions
  • Don’t keep your eyes too close to your books
  • Splash your face with cold water every 2 to 3 hours to feel fresh.

Practice the above 6 tips and beat stress while you prepare for the IAS exam. Anxiety and stress are bound to happen when you are studying or preparing for such a tough exam.You need to be smart enough to handle all the difficult situations and have faith in yourself.