How Many Study Hours for IAS is Required to Crack it in the First Attempt

How Many Study Hours for IAS is Required to Crack it in the First Attempt

Cracking UPSC in the first attempt is not an easy task obviously. It’s an achievement for which one needs to work hard and smartly. If you are also an IAS aspirant, you must have heard this many times from your parents, teachers, and fellow buddies that you have to devote your maximum time for studies. But the question is how many study hours for IAS is required to crack it in the first Attempt? Well, to be very honest, there is nothing fixed as to how many study hours for IAS one should devote to guarantee success.

Expert faculties and Ex-passed out students suggest that students should focus on the quality of studies they are doing rather than the number of study hours for IAS exams. It is the common mentality of the students appearing for IAS exams, that they have to study at least 16-18 hours a day otherwise they won’t be able to crack it. Studies on IAS student's lifestyles have shown that most of the students isolate themselves and disconnect from all the social networks thinking that it might disturb them into their studies.  This is nothing else but just another misconception about IAS exams.

After reading this complete article, all your myths and misconception about the study hours for IAS exams will not only clear but students will be able to plan better for clearing next upcoming UPSC and IAS exams.

Focus Doesn’t Mean Isolation

This is a very important thing that every IAS and UPSC student should realize that if you want to focus on your studies, it not at all means that you should disconnect yourself from your surroundings and lock yourself in a room.  Focus means, you exactly know what you want to do and what you should do. Majority of students are either self-pressurized or by their parents to reduce the use of mobile phones, social gatherings, and outings while preparing for IAS exams. This is very unfair and unhealthy for the preparation of exams.

According to the Psychologists, isolation has very harmful and ill effects on not only physical health but it damages mental balance as well. An isolated person becomes the victim of overthinking and as a result focuses more on the past rather than the present and future.

It is therefore strongly recommended to all the civil service aspirants that they should find proper time for their leisure activities and hobbies also out of dedicated study hours for IAS. This freshens up their mood and energizes them to do better. A relaxed and refreshed mind will have longer retention ability as compared to an isolated brain.

Give Quality Study hours for IAS preparation

The battle of quality and quantity is always there, be it some goods, services, or study hours for IAS preparation. We all know that eventually quality wins. It is not important, how many hours you are studying for the preparation of your exams. What matters the most is, how effective those study hours for you. Let’s evaluate this with the help of exemplary situations.

Situation 1 -

An IAS student, suppose his name is A, always sticks to books studying 16 hours a day. But he is not able to focus on what he is reading. He finds the subject difficult to understand. But somehow he thinks that holding a book in hand for 16 hours every day makes sure that he will clear the exam, isn't foolishness?

Now consider situation 2 -

When a student, suppose his name is B, studies 10 hours a day only but whatever he reads and learns, understand it without any doubt. He also enjoys his leisure time doing things he loves.

So, when we evaluate the above two situations, it is clear that student B is better to prepare for exams rather than A despite stung 16 hours a day.

One more thing to note here that when we talk about quality learning, our brain can't work in the same way the entire day.  Morning studies are definitely very good because our brain is fresh at that time and so the retention power and the mood to study is also high. By the end of the day, the level of efficiency decreases. To regain the energy, you can't be isolated. Students should keep their personal spaces where they can talk to their friends or family. Do things that make them happy. Only studying long hours is not at all a solution

It is also advisable that students should take proper breaks in between their studies. They should avoid sitting for too long continuously. This leads to physical tiredness that reduces your learning capacity. So, it is a good idea to take breaks on a regular interval.

Find Time For Entertainment & Relaxation

Entertainment and taking rest seems a waste of time to many parents whose children are preparing for UPSC and IAS exams. They feel happy and satisfied that the student is sitting in his study table and learning. (Again quality or quantity?) Parents should realize that they are human beings and not the machine. Human brains work faster when they enjoy doing things rather than learning forcefully. Learning with pressure results in nothing but disappointments.

Proper rest is also very much needed. Students should take care of their physical and mental health; otherwise, it may affect their preparation for the dream of becoming an IAS. Try to take proper rest, eat good food and stay away from all the mental stress.

Verdict on required Study hours for IAS preparation

Concluding this article, we can only reiterate the fact that quality and efficient studies are more important than counting the hours. But yes, even for the quality preparation, a student must devote at least 8-9 hours a day to cover the vast syllabus of civil services