UPSC Question Paper Solving Techniques

UPSC Question Paper Solving Techniques

The evaluation of candidates' performance in the UPSC preliminary examination is done based on MCQs. Just like any other competitive examination, here also the negative marks system is applied. The rule is that the questions are of multiple-choice objective type carrying two marks for each question and 1/3rd of the marks allotted to the questions will be deducted for every incorrect answer.

So, since there are options available, many candidates tend to guess the answer blindly and deliver incorrect answer thus their marks get deducted. So, here are some UPSC question paper solving techniques that can help you out in clearing the preliminary examination.

100-50-33-25 per cent technique:

  • In the first round, go for the questions you are a hundred percent sure about. The questions carry four options. If you are able to eliminate three of them confidently, then you have found out the correct one.
  • In the second round, answer the questions that you are 50% sure about. If you can eliminate two incorrect options out of four, then you have two other options left and there is a 50% chance that you would answer it correctly.
  • When you have been capable to omit only one option, there is a 33% chance of answering it correctly. We would suggest you take a risk and answer them. However, this should be done at your own risk.
  • No matter how hard you have studied, there would be around 10 questions you don’t have any idea about. Try to avoid them since negative marking can affect your score. 

Now coming to the discussion of techniques of choosing the correct option:

  • Look alike choices: if you regularly practice answering UPSC questions, you can find out a fact that has a higher probability of being the correct answer between two look-alike choices. 
  • High probability of being incorrect answers having ‘always, never’ etc: the options having ‘always’, ‘never’ mostly tend to be incorrect.
  • Eliminate the extreme statements: if any social science question having an extreme statement as option come by, do eliminate them.
  • Unfamiliar answer choices:  while solving the UPSC questions, if you come across some answer choices that are unfamiliar and non-relevant, there is a maximum chance of them being incorrect.

While solving the UPSC question papers of previous years, try to keep some tricks in mind as the technique of solving questions:

  • Do not adopt a random guessing technique. Try to apply logic and common sense as well to answer the questions.
  • Do not spend extra time on the questions you do not have any idea about. Since there is a time constraint, you must use it wisely.

Since the answering technique is also an acquired skill by repeated practice, this demands repeated practice. Practice well to be capable of choosing the correct answer.