Role Do Frequent Revisions

What Role Do Frequent Revisions Play while Preparing for IAS 

Ah! Here comes the well-known term Revision, since we were in school this term has haunted us in exam times. And as a matter of fact, how much we hate it, Revision is needed to make us realize what way we are going and how much more preparation is needed.

Now when you are appearing for IAS you cannot deny the role revision plays. 

Let us take a look at how revision would help you prepare better for IAS 

  • After clearing UPSC only the highest rank holders will be joining IAS. And for that, you have to be the best. Aspirants aim to clear the IAS exam in the first attempt and being competent enough will make you clear it. Revision helps you to move towards perfection and makes you competent enough to make it in the first attempt.
  • You are so overloaded with information and facts that it is likely to forget or miss some information or miss a few details. God forbid if you forget some important details in the exam. Revision sharpens your memory and it is less likely that you forget important information
  • When you realize the advantage of revisions and need of schedule it will let you better manage your time. UPSC syllabus has to be completed in limited time which makes you schedule your revision within that time frame. Hence you better manage your time opting for revisions regularly.
  • Revisions are methods of self-assessment and you don’t realize the power of it until you include it in your schedule. This continuous method of revising portions which you have already covered will make you realize where you are still lacking, which topics make you confident. It points out to you your weak areas. It is just like equipping yourself better for the D day.
  • It may happen that after repeated efforts and revision sessions aspirants have queries and doubts. That is when you know that you have to seek help and guidance. It could be a faculty or someone who has already cleared the exam. So you can quench a few tips from the experienced.
  • Make it a rule to revise as often as possible, you will get to know your weak points and strong points. That will make you competent enough to clear the IAS exam in the first attempt.
  • Regular revisions will make you more confident and with every revision session, you feel more confident and know your strengths. The earlier you analyze your preparation strategy, the more likely you tend to be successful. That is undoubtedly true that preparing for UPSC and appearing for IAS is daunting and exhausting. You have to work hard without an option. The regular revision will make you work smart and you can make it in the first attempt.
  • The whole journey of preparing for IAS can leave you stressed and worried. The continuous revision will leave you relaxed and will take care of the anxiety you may have. 

Few revision tips

  • Make a revision schedule, there should not be a gap of more than 15 days. Stick to the schedule or you may overburden yourself by piling up of the scheduled revision.
  • Make a self-compliant study plan and revision plan too. Don’t follow your fellow aspirants. You know your strengths and weaknesses and make your revision plan and study plan which you can follow. And it is recommended that while you study one topic further revise the previous topics.
  • It is necessary to spot your weak areas and mock tests do the trick. As you solve mock test papers you know the need for revision and which areas to focus on.