NCERT Books for IAS Preparation

Do we really need NCERT Books for IAS Preparation?

While you are preparing for the most prestigious exams here’s why we need NCERT books. Preparing for IAS could be challenging and daunting. NCERT books could be marked as a first step towards getting into it. This question always comes to every aspirant’s mind as to why do we need NCERT books when we have so many other reference books, study material from coaching and material online. This article gives you every reason to rely on NCERT books while you study for IAS. We are going to know Why, How and What to study from NCERT books while preparing for IAS. 

Why we need NCERT books?

NCERT books are written in very simple language that makes it the base for prelims and mains examination. These books have well researched and authentic information and facts which can always be relied upon. Mains exam demands a writing style similar to that adopted by these books. So that really saves the struggle to mug up piles of books while you prepare for mains. If we talk about prelims every year 30-40 questions are asked from NCERT books. NCERT books from class 6th to 12th are essential for prelims and mains both. It is a must read for every aspirant. NCERT books help you to plan your studies. Otherwise, you will be lost in a huge pile of books and study material. It actually is not a factor whether you are from humanities or non-humanities background. NCERT books give you an insight into the subject in a very precise manner and help you in your optional paper as well. 

What to study from NCERT books?

As we can see NCERT books are recommended by every serious aspirant and topper. While preparing for UPSC prelims and mains different perspective may be required but the timeframe and larger content is common. NCERT books provide you with facts and information that you can rely on. Geography NCERT books are really a big hit among the aspirants. It is really a daunting task to learn about all maps, mountain ranges, rivers, etc. 

A dedicated team work having experts with all the facts and information updated and written with utmost diligence is reflected in NCERT books. For General Studies 1 paper class 11th Art and Culture NCERT book needs to be read soaked for prelims and mains both. For Sociology the NCERT books will give you an idea about our continuously evolving society, raising conflicts and different perspectives about different social issues like women, child labor, caste, etc. So read it according to the GS-1 syllabus.

Every year there are 10-15 questions from Environment and Biology NCERT book. Make sure you list the books and get them. Don’t just sit on the pile of the books do read them and make maximum use of them. 

How to study NCERT books? 

You may find it difficult to start. But here is a suggestion to make your move as you plan and decide. But do plan after you know all the facts. NCERT books from class 6th to 12th standard mostly cover all the syllabus for prelims and mains but then it may differ from subject to subject. The best way to study NCERT books is to read it, underline the facts and important events in the first reading, on second reading make sure you have done it right. Make notes on your third and final reading and rely on your notes for your revision sessions. No need to dig on to the books again and again. Follow your revision schedule. It is not only reading and making the notes that is important but also to remember them and recall them in your exams. 

There is no substitute for hard work and NCERT books are the best guide to make you realize your dream.  

All the best!!