10 Golden Tips from IAS Toppers

10 Golden Tips from IAS Toppers to Top in UPSC Civil Services

Every year, the Union Public Service Commission conducts its UPSC Civil Services Exam for the recruitment of IAS/IPS/IFS, etc. Many aspiring candidates appear in the UPSC Civil Services Examination to fulfill their dream of becoming bureaucrats and serve the nation by joining hands with the Government of India. However, only a handful of candidates can fulfill their dream while others wait for the next year to get selected. Well, if you are also among such fewer fortune ones who are struggling to make through the UPSC exam, then these 10 Golden Tips from IAS Toppers will help you out.

10 Important Successive Tips from IAS Toppers:

To help you prepare well for the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), we bring the 10 Golden Tips from IAS Toppers that will help you to excel in the UPSC CSE exam.

1. Be Positive and Confident

Before you start for any entrance exam, first, you need to believe in your abilities and keep a positive frame of mind for the preparation of UPSC exam. Doubting your abilities or keeping a negative approach towards your goal will always lower your confidence and take you away from success. Thus it is important to enjoy the preparation phase of the exam.

2. Be Aware With The Important Updates

The Union Public Service Commission releases the UPSC Civil Services Exam notification that covers information related to the availability of online application form, important dates of the exam, availability of admit card and more. Since you have already submitted the application form, it is important for you to always visit the official website regularly to remain updated about any new information.

3. Stay Well-Informed About UPSC IAS Exam Pattern & Syllabus

An important part of the exam preparation is to stay updated about the exam pattern and syllabus. The UPSC exam can be divided into three stages which are UPSC Prelims, Mains, and Interview. So, it is important for the aspirants preparing for CSE to must have complete knowledge of the exam pattern and syllabus, as it will help them to put their efforts in the right direction.

4. Hard Work and Pure Dedication Is the Key to Success

There is one common thing that you can find easily in all IAS toppers and that is Hard work and pure Dedication towards their goal. Most of the IAS toppers admitted that before starting their preparation for the exam they fixed some rules for themselves which they needed to follow on regular basis, and it helped them to concentrate more on the work and helped them to achieve their dream.

5. Plan Your Preparation Wisely

As you are now aware of the dates, syllabus, and exam pattern for the UPSC IAS examination, your task begins by planning your preparation schedule wisely. Calculate how much time is left to prepare for the exam and plan accordingly to cover all the topics at least 6 months before the exam. Understand your comfort level in all sections by practicing more and more and formulate your strategy according to that only.

6. List Out the Right Study Material

Once you are well aware of the preparation tactics, make a note of all the study materials and books that you will need to cover the complete syllabus. Ask for suggestions from seniors and do read NCERT books as many times as possible, as they help clear concepts in easy-to-understand language. After a week, evaluate your weekly performance through tests and correct your flaws.

7. Practice More And More

Regular practice of question papers and mock test papers will help aspirants to analyse their strengths and weakness. IAS toppers have admitted that by solving the mock-test papers for both Prelims and Mains they have been able to rectify their mistakes and improve their answer writing skills. More than this, try to resolve any doubt that arises while reading as fast as possible, as it will help you to cross-check your answers within a limited time.

8. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

For an IAS aspirant, it’s not only important to prepare well for the exam by studying long hours but it is also important to keep an eye on their surroundings. Many IAS toppers claim that their preparation for IAS is not only limited to reading books, but they also need to be updated with the events and activities they are observing in their day to day life. Also, IAS aspirants are advised to play more reasoning quizzes and puzzles to sharpen their brain and creative skills.

9. Newspapers and Authentic Resources Are Your Best Friends

For national-level exams like UPSC, reading the HINDU newspaper is a must, as it is the power pact source for current issues. UPSC CSE exam gives more preference to the current issues, thus it is important for the candidate to remain well updatedabout national and international issues. Similarly, aspirants are also advised to always refer to government sources such as AIR News analysis, Yojana Magazine, and various ministries website, Economic Surveys, ARC report etc.

10. Make A Habit of Regular Revision

Revision is very important when it comes to IAS exam preparation. With the proper revision structure,you can addvalue to the already prepared topics. Apart from this, make sure youkeep a deadlinefor yourself and try to stick to thisdeadline to complete your preparation on time.

So these are the 10 Golden tips that have been used by the IAS toppers. Hope these tips will help you and boost your confidence to crack UPSC IAS exam with ease.