Why IAS is Worth All the Sacrifices

Why IAS is Worth All the Sacrifices?

One of the most prestigious career paths in the public sector is to become an IAS officer. It is a golden opportunity to become a part of the bureaucracy and work for people. Lacs of aspirants apply for UPSC and only a few get selected. IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS, and other central service officers are selected and trained every year. The life of an IAS officer is filled with challenges. In this article, we have written about the challenges and sacrifices of an IAS officer and examined whether they are worth taking. 

Challenges faced by an IAS:

It takes years of immense hardships to become an IAS officer. On one hand, all your hard work is paid off but you will face other challenges and hardships during your tenure. It is true that this job makes you a key player in the national development but there is always a consequent side to this. Before joining the system, it is important to understand the government system in India and your place in the system. It is good to have the entire picture clear before making the choice about your profession. 

Quite recently the US think tank expressed views regarding the concerns of political interference and outdated personal procedures in the Indian civil services. This political interference leads to inefficiency where vitals positions are not held by best officers and ultimately leads to institutional decline.

At the regional level, the IAS officer works in coordination with the MP and the MLA. They both work to bring development, welfare, wellbeing, and peace to society. The dispute between the IAS officers and MP or MLA is quite challenging. 

The major difference in opinion is because of corruption, using public office for personal use and protecting the law breakers. An honest IAS officer is vulnerable to frequent transfers. Sometimes one gets so frequent transfers in a year that it disturbs the life, family, kids. And be prepared that it is not mandatory that your work will be recognized and appreciated every time. 

Sometimes honest officers are threatened with suspension and humiliation. Deep rooted corruption is again a challenge faced after joining. Sometimes it is frustrating as the overall condition of our government system is unpleasant. If you aspire to be an honest IAS officer, then be prepared to deal with many challenges in your career. 

Sacrifices Made by an IAS

There is no second thought that these three alphabets ‘IAS’ when prefixed to your name will take you to the world of respect, dignity, and power. But all these demands sacrifices made through the whole journey of becoming an IAS and being one. Starting from the preparation for UPSC your life becomes a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. So many phrases come to mind from self-doubt to self-confidence. Giving away all the distractions and spending the most crucial years of your life preparing for your dream demands sacrifices. The whole journey of becoming an IAS demands sacrifices and continues even after you become one. The work culture of our country, bureaucracy takes you to the other side of being an IAS which can be depressing and frustrating as you are just a doll to some politicians and MPs. This job cab gives you golden wings but sometimes at the cost of a golden cage. 

Why IAS is worth all these sacrifices?

After facing so many challenges and sacrificing all your youth in studying and preparing for UPSC, let us introspect that is it worth the price? So here it is

Yes, it is worth! 

Being an IAS is the crown job though quite tough to reach there. After burning the midnight lamp when you get the taste of success you also get VIP treatment from the day your training begins.

It is a dream job of many and a sparkling profession but only a few lucky and extremely hard working people get through it. The list of sacrifices is never ending. The future of many depends on your work in whichever department you are serving as you are at the helm of public development. This is true that with roses come thorns and this holds true for an IAS officer too. 

Daily, new circumstances emerge, new issues crop up, and the Civil Servant must be set up to meet the circumstances and tackle the issue. Hence, the job is challenging. But, all this is worth for! No pains, no gains.