Habits of IAS Toppers

20 Habits of Toppers You Should Inculcate

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Every student /aspirant wakes up with a dream to top the class, college, university or any exam. It is a huge competition when everyone is putting their heart into it. The three P’s (perseverance, preparation, and planning) can help you sail through it. But along with these three P’s we have listed above, the given 20 habits one must inculcate to be a topper.

Let’s take a look

  1. Be Inclined Towards Study:

    The most important factor to be a topper is a natural inclination towards the study and that will always be the factor to pave your path to success. It is sometimes tough or gets boring to follow a routine or always be surrounded by books. But in this huge competitive world, your keen interest to study and patience to follow the routine can make you achieve your goal.

  2. Set the Priorities in your life:

    Studies cannot be an option, it must be a priority. To be on the top of the list demands sacrifices. These sacrifices have to be made during the journey of preparation to be a topper and that can only be achieved if you prioritize your chores.

  3. A big no for last-minute preparation:

    Last-minute preparation invites stress whatsoever. Always avoid last-minute preparation. Whatever the subject is you be hands-on or find it easy and thus decide to leave it for last-minute preparation. That may help you to pass the exam but to be a topper prepare it beforehand and just revise it a few weeks before the exam. Studying is a habit which is built over the years. There cannot be any short cut to success. The only trick available is to make study a habit and prepare every subject/paper beforehand.

  4. Avoid Distractions:

    In the student years, we all face many distractions. Be it be your friends, text messages, social media, etc. To be a topper or to live your dream this is the time when you have to avoid anything and everything that distracts you from your goal.

    Let me quote John Di Lemme

    Your results are the product of either personal focus or personal distractions. The choice is yours

  5. Goal Recognition:

    Recognize your goal as early as possible. Recognizing your goal will help you to plan better and hence make you pursue your plans in a better way.

    Recognizing and setting your goals at the early stages also helps you in realizing your potential and paving the path for your dreams to come true.

  6. Continuous Assessment:

    Living the dream of a topper demands continuous assessment of your performance. To assess our potential, we have exams and tests. So if you feel at any stage that you are underperforming don’t settle for anything less than improvement and putting your best efforts for that.

  7. Always be self-motivated:

    It is a fact that no one can motivate you as you yourself can. You only know about your limitations and strength, so keep reminding yourself about your aim and how you can achieve that by using your strengths and limitations. No one else can motivate you as you yourself can.

  8. Surround Yourself with like-minded people:

    Meeting and surrounding yourself with likeminded people will never derail you or divert you from your goal and will help you to be focused and determined.
  9. Maintain a routine:

    Maintain a routine for yourself even for waking up and going to bed. Though it may be hard to keep a routine at least try to do it in a 30 min window. That will help you stay healthy and focused.
  10. Create a study plan:

    Making a clear and specific study plan will be less stressful and help you to prepare for exams in a better and systematic way.
  11. Organize yourself:

    Always keep your study desk organized be it your stationery, books, calendar, printouts it will help you to avoid unnecessary distractions.
  12. One task at a time:

    Choose one task and stick to it until you finish it. That will enhance your productivity. Don’t trick yourself by multitasking and making your life chaotic.
  13. Avoid all distractions:

    Before you begin your study session avoid all distractions be it your friends, phone or internet. That will create a productive and fruitful study session.
  14. Break down your work:

    Break down your work to smaller parts. Creating a 10-page report or completing a syllabus for any subject at once can be daunting and tiring. Breaking it to smaller tasks makes your work interesting and less daunting.
  15. Self-checking of notes:

    Making self-notes is a must thing for a topper and making them correct is also important. So keep checking them and reviewing them as frequently as you make them.
  16. Taking regular breaks:

    We all have a concentration span and our minds work like that. Taking regular breaks between studies will calm our minds and will enhance our concentration levels.
  17. Seek help whenever needed:

    Whenever you feel stuck reach out for help. There is nothing wrong with seeking help or taking advice from others. That will improve your peer relationship and will ease your burden too.
  18. Read books:

    Reading is a healthy habit. Read books other than your course books. That will help you learn about the things outside your syllabus and will prepare you to face the interview and you will be more confident.
  19. Develop a hobby:

    Though this may be surprising for some people how developing a hobby will make us top the exam. But it will definitely let you feel good if you take out time doing something that your heart desires from your hectic and busy schedule.
  20. Be confident:

    Confidence comes from preparation and planning. Believe in yourself no matter what and everything will eventually fall in place.

It takes time to develop a habit. It is every scholar’s dream to be a topper but success doesn’t come overnight. Follow the process and make it happen.