5 Reasons why Joining an IAS Coaching

Know Here The 5 Reasons why Joining an IAS Coaching is Important

Cracking IAS exams without coaching is a tough task to do. Everyone can't be super talented. In fact, even if you are super talented, you must take IAS coaching for several additional benefits which you can't get from books or YouTube. 

With the advancement in technology, the way of preparation for IAS exams has also turned to digital one. People have easy access to YouTube, internet and eBooks to scan hundreds of study materials for a single subject. That's positive of course but many students believe that they can get the breakthrough based on these study materials only, which may go negative for their dream of becoming an IAS. Some students also prefer not to take coaching because of financial constraints. If you too are confused whether to take coaching or not then this web page brings you 5 reasons that will tell you why it is advised to join IAS coaching. 

Exclusive Study Material 

As discussed above, in this digital era, there is no lack of study material for the students but sometimes it is important to confine your studies to a few sources. If you think, reading more number of books will increase your chances of clearing the exam, you are betraying yourself. It is not at all like this. Top-rated coaching institutes like KSG, prepare their exclusive notes and material. This helps the students to get the required study material from an expert point of view. Such study material is specially designed after a thorough analysis of the subject in detail, pattern of examination, previous year's question papers, etc. This helps you to study more relevant topics in less time. In short, smart work! 

Develops Self Discipline & Time Management 

When it comes to studies, we all have so many excuses to give. To stick to time seems a challenging task. Coaching program develops a discipline among students giving them a routine to follow. Regularly attending classes, doing homework on time, regular test series, practising question papers, etc helps in time management. Moreover, students will get an idea for planning their studies so that they can complete the syllabus at least 2 months before exams. 

Actual Mentors Rather Than Virtual Guidance 

YouTube and the internet are flooded with motivational ideas and strategy for the preparation of IAS exams which is really good and helpful of course but they can't ever replace the actual physical mentors sitting at the coaching institutes. Mentors and teachers are experienced and they give you the right guidance not just on the basis of human psychology but after evaluating your individual weaknesses and strengths. They bring the best in you. 

It is also advisable to take classroom coaching rather than online coaching. Virtual online classes are just like watching YouTube Videos. Studies should always have two-way interaction where you can discuss your perspective to understand the perspective of others. The human interaction is more effective than technology. 

Preparing For The Interview 

The preparation of IAS exams ends with an interview round. It is the crucial phase of IAS because if a candidate fails to perform well at the interview, all the previous achievements goes in vain. Coaching institutes have specified and personalized techniques to impart interview skills in you which you can't learn through online sources or from reading books. Coaching Institutes like KSG offer test series and mock test interview to assess your preparation and find out areas which need improvement. 

The interview is the most important part of the IAS exam. In the interview, your knowledge is not tested because it is already tested in the Prelims and Mains exam but they like to analyze and evaluate your personality. 

Advantage of Studying in Group 

When you choose to study in isolation, you can't focus. Usually, it is the common mentality of parents that if the child is locked in a room and studies, it is very good for their study but actually, isolation reduces the retention power of the human brain. Human beings have the basic tendency of living in groups and so it is actually very fruitful when students study in groups. This ensures better retention plus there are a lot of new faces whom you can interact with and exchange ideas on how you can prepare well for cracking IAS exams. 

There is another positive side of studying in groups i.e. the benefit of competition. Be it any product or service, competition improves quality. We all want to be better than all others and this mentality of being the best is helpful in the preparation for UPSC CSE. Thus, the advantage of competition is not available in self-studies. Classroom studies are also important for letting you work in a team. This will be helpful to you in the interview round and then further down in your career after becoming an IAS.