Essay Topics for Civil Services Exam

20 UPSC Essay Topics for Civil Services Exam 2020

UPSC civil services examination (Union Public Service Commission) is one of the biggest examinations held in India. Clearing a UPSC examination is a big deal because this gives you the privilege to work for the prestigious designations including Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and Indian Foreign Service (IFS) etc. So, Achieving the goal of Clearing the UPSC examination can give you a good reputation, power and many more that people want from a career.

Firstly, all the UPSC aspirants appear for the preliminary examination. Then, the candidates, who clear the preliminary examination, get the privilege to appear for the mains examination. This examination consists of seven papers and the evaluation is based on the writing of conventional and essay type questions. Each of the paper carries 250 marks.

And the selected participants from the main examinations are called for an interview.

As previously said, the main examination is all about writing essay type questions; we will further discuss the UPSC essay topics that can clear your idea regarding the types of questions that are usually asked. But before that, here is a suggestion for the betterment of your essay writing:

You should always remember that there are four pillars on which you are going to rest your essays on:

The names of the four pillars

What does it mean?

What am I writing on?

An article can deal with different facets of a particular topic. And the different facets can appear as individual paragraphs not relevant to the topic.

But in essay writing, you cannot imagine a paragraph that has got such existence that does not individually connect to the topic.

So, be careful while writing an essay and be focused on the topic you writing.

Who am I writing for?

Write an essay keeping in mind that an elderly person is going to read this. Do not use colloquial modern English that might appear to him as inappropriate. 

More specifically, while writing an essay,

  • do not hurt any religious sentiments
  • do not write anything offensive regarding any particular region that might hurt someone’s feelings
  • do not be too pushy about an ideology
  • People are too touchy about individuals. So, take care of that too.

Why am I writing this essay

Keep in mind that you are writing this essay only for getting marks. So, do not put up a write-up that can hurt anyone’s sentiments by imposing your logic or point of view.

The tone in which I am writing

You must ensure that your tone should go as if in a race that you have got. Like a tone that can vary from pessimist tone to serious tone to sober tone to an optimistic tone to an enthusiastic tone. 



Keeping these four rules of essay writing in mind, kick-start your essay writing preparation and practice as well. And always remember that, if an essay type question carries 10 marks, the maximum of the students will get four or five out of ten. So, try to uplift your essay writing style so that you can get at least one mark higher than others, it will take you to your goal.

Now, coming to the main discussion that orbits around the UPSC essay topics that are important for the UPSC civil services 2020 examination.

UPSC Essay Topics 2020:

  1. The working of Indian Judiciary
  • The roaster controversy
  • The issues arising out of the selection of judges through the collegiums system 
  1. Water disputes:
  • Cauvery Water Dispute
  • Satluj Yamuna Link Canal case
  • The Inter-State River Water Amendment Bill 
  1. Agricultural schemes of the government in the era of farmer suicide:
  • effectiveness of the schemes
  • Atal Bhujal Yojana scheme 
  1. Apolitical Education
  • Politics and the degradation of the education system
  • Frequent change in educational curriculum 
  1. The higher education and its importance:
  • The higher education system and its issues
  • The significance of higher education
  • Importance of business schools, vocational schools etc. 
  1. Schemes to make the youth of India skillful
  • CSR funds for skill enhancement
  • National policy for skill development
  • Stand up India scheme 
  1. Development and environment
  • Current environmental crisis due to extensive population growth
  • Lack of initiatives and policymaking to save the environment
  • The impact of globalization on the environment 
  1. The indifference of administration towards slums
  • The unrecognised slum areas and the slum dwellers
  • Unequal economic distribution 
  1. India and the global world order:
  • Revolution of technology
  • Demographic dividend
  • The position of India against china 
  1. The modern Foreign policy:
  • International relations- changing nature
  • Fast track diplomacy and Para diplomacy
  • The relationship with the immediate neighbouring countries 
  1. National health scheme:
  • Universal health and its dimensions 
  1. Basic income and subsidy policy:
  • Can subsidy eradicate poverty? 
  1. The debate over nationalism:
  • The effect of global capitalism
  • UN multilateralism and its role 
  1. Secularism:
  • Universal civil code
  • Personal law
  • The threats to secularism in a culturally diverse country 
  1. Agriculture:
  • Impaired food security
  • Removal of subsidies and farm loan waivers
  • Farmer suicide
  • Technology in agriculture
  • Climate resilient agriculture 
  1. Digital India:
  • Digital India Land Record Modernisation Program
  • Rural India internet mission
  • UPI, BHIM, and ADHAAR linkage and cyber security 
  1. India and BRICS :
  • BRICS developmental bank and its policy
  • The anti-western attitude
  • The China factor 
  1. The pollution in urban areas:
  • Threatening diseases and health hazards 
  1. The new age culture:
  • Progressive thoughts regarding religious beliefs
  • Social reformation
  • Social mobility 
  1. Artificial intelligence:
  • Getting smarter than human intelligence and the risks associated.