Know Here The 5 Reasons That Will Compel You to Join IAS Coaching

Students after deciding to pursue IAS often lie in the dilemma of whether taking coaching or not. The quest for the answers to many questions emerging in their minds like “Is it good to take coaching or better to do self-studies at home through books is essential for every applicant And which coaching class you can choose out of the hundreds of available?”

Well, this is quite a natural phenomenon and there’s nothing unusual. Experts, seniors, and professors, strongly recommend that taking IAS coaching is a must for the aspirants. There are many reasons to support this statement. You may get the recommendation of KSG (Khan Study Group) as the best institute offering its best services in the major cities of India including Delhi, Bhopal, Indore, Jaipur, Patna, and Bengaluru.

Why Only KSG For Preparing IAS Exams?

KSG has always been committed to providing the comprehensive UPSC preparation program which is designed in such a simple way that all the students can easily understand it. To clear the prelims and mains with flying colors, KSG has especially designed a combined General Study (GS) preparation schedule so that students are ready to face objective as well as subjective exam scenario, all under one program. It saves time, money, and broadens the scope of their understanding.

Where most of the coaching classes focus on just completing the syllabus, Khan Study Group is different in the sense that it offers a comprehensive and easy approach to impart knowledge into their students. The faculties of KSG are best known for their subject expertise. Here are 5 rationales that compel you to join KSG for the preparation of IAS this year.

1. To Get The Best Pool of Faculty

Books are our best friend but you can only read and gain knowledge from them. However, the demonstration part is still difficult without a proper subject teacher. By taking coaching from KSG, you would be able to get the right guidance and proper demonstration and explanation of facts. Self- interpretation won’t always work. Moreover, nowadays there are many online classes available tempting you to offer the ease of learning on-the-go but sometimes this freedom becomes the limitation.

Faculty at KSG is expert in teaching their respective subject and provides the best learning environment needed to prepare for such an intense exam like UPSC. Faculty, at this popular institute among UPSC aspirants, adopts innovative approach and imparts knowledge for attempting both subjective and objective questions. Faculty of KSG and Dr. Khan - The director, divide the whole syllabus into a vertical Plan. Plus they focus on regular tests and practice and present the results in the form of a performance chart.

2. Motivation

Motivation is a very important factor to reach the heights. UPSC is not an easy exam and it’s often observed among the students that they get demotivated due to the pressure after looking at the vastness of the syllabus. KSG mentors organize motivational classes for its students to boost up the confidence and alive their spirit to be an IAS officer.

They help the students to empower their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. For refreshing students, they also organize recreational activities which also help them improve their overall personality.

3. Timely Completion of Syllabus

KSG is preferred by UPSC students over many other IAS coaching classes and the reason is simple. KSG focuses on the timely completion of the syllabus and spares proper time for revision. All the subject modules are pre-planned and structured to complete at least a few months before the final exams. Plus, KSG takes advantage of faculty well-qualified in their respective subjects. For example, KSG is well-known for the top of the line faculty of each GS subject area.

It has been noted that most of the IAS coaching institutes delay in completing the syllabus just because they want the students to depend on them and earn some extra bucks. KSG follows a very clear and straight policy and the only focus of this elite institute is to bring quality preparation for their students. Apart from that, faculties here pay personal attention to each and every student and solve their queries and doubts in the classroom only.

4. Best Study Material

KSG has one of the best study materials designed by the experts and top-class faculty. It provides printed study material combined from best sources and reference books, especially for the current affairs. For other subjects, the institute provides notes fetched and extracted from a variety of reference books, online sources, and an experienced team of experts.

This makes the preparation of IAS very easy and light for the students. Any IAS aspirant can easily rely on the study material provided by KSG without the need to refer to any other book or source. It imparts the study material in such a way that the writing skills of the students improve for facing the mains exam of IAS. Not just that, KSG also offers online support for preparing current affairs, online test, video lectures for missed classes, and online doubt clearing session.

5. Affordable Fee Structure

KSG despite being a renowned institute for IAS preparation, keeps a check on its fee structure. Unlike other coaching institutes, the only aim of KSG is not to fill pockets at the cost of the student's career. The objective of the KSG is to provide world-class knowledge and charge a reasonable amount in exchange. Therefore, KSG always has been the best option for excellent teaching at a pocket-friendly cost. Apart from that, KSG offers Scholarships so that even a lower middle-class guy/girl can live up to his/her dream of cracking this exam while studying at KSG.